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Roshni 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badri coming home. Kishora asks him to rest. Vasundara says she will check his BP. Nick and Doodle like the experience here and Nick says he has got medical exposure here, and limits to say about Roshni. Kishore asks them to come along to rural hospital. Roshni says we shall go. Kishore says he would make them have Daal baati choorma. Vasundara says they would prefer pasta. Anand says daal baati is healthy. She asks him to go. Kishore asks Rajat to manage everything.

Kishore tells everything that he is missing Leela, Rajat has grown up and made a big hospital on own, he was losing Badri yesterday, he is missing Leela a lot, they are doctors but when loved one gets ill, we have fear to lose the loved ones, think about ordinary people whose last hope are us, doctors. He says

money should be just need, not our aim, I hope Leela hospital becomes example for this. Everyone clap for him.

Nick and Roshni are on the way. Nick says Nanu is very inspiring. She says she loves him a lot. Doodle messages him asking how long to act like sleeping, say something. Nick replies its tough. Nick and Roshni drop at some good spot. Doodle wishes Nick tells her. Roshni asks Nick who is that girl. Nick says there is someone. She asks here or London. He says India, she is my close buddy. She asks so you love her right. He says I did not think like this before, now I think I feel for her.

She asks what? He says she is a very close friend of mine. She asks whats the problem. He says like you are my good friend, suppose I like you, I don’t know you like me or not, its tricky situation. She says if you confess love, and she does not respond… He says will our friendship break? She says it could be otherwise, she feels the same. She says cheers to that lucky girl. Doodle comes and asks them to cheer for him too. She asks did you wake up. Doodle says yes, its no use to sleep. He asks Nick did anything happen. Nick signs no.

Roshni, Doodle and Nick see the rural hospital and find themselves lucky to study MBBS in London. Kishore checks a patient and diagnosis him with stomach TB. Kishore and everyone reach the hotel for the food, and have a talk. Kishore says he gets peace coming here. They see a boy falling down and bleeding. The boy screams. Kishore asks them to take the boy inside and they treat him.

Roshni says we should take him to hospital. Kishore says we need to stop bleeding first. Kishore says he will do stitching. The boy’s mum comes there and asks how did he get hurt, what are they doing. The hotel man says Kishore is big doctor, he will make the boy fine. Kishore says he has to take him to city and then change the stitches. Roshni says his wound has have infection. The lady says it will charge big fees. Roshni says don’t worry about fees, come with me, he will be fine.

Nick and Roshni get the boy to Leela hospital and take him to vacant OT to change stitches. Nick and Roshni treat the boy and say about come nerve cut.

Vasundara argues with Anand. Doodle asks Nick to tell Roshni about his love before leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vry cute epis…..! and yes its vry difficult to propose their close friend, if that close friend didn’t have the feeling then their friendship wouldn’t exist moreover…. better Nick first know what’s in Roshini’s mind then express his feeling

  2. Nice episode … It’s so difficult 2 behave normally 2 ur friend, whom u start 2 love… It’s a weird feeling, ????

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