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Roshni 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kishore saying damage and bleeding are less. He asks them to shift him. Rajat talks to the hospital staff. Ansal talks to his assistant. The man says our business is down. Ansal says he has many plans. Badri is unconscious and Kishore looks on. He talks to Roshni and gives prescription. He holds Badri’s hand and is tensed. He comes out of the ward. Anand talks to Roshni about Badri. Nick says we are here, Roshni ask Nanu to o home. Rajat says I will talk to him. He asks Kishore to go home and rest.

Vasundara comes and says her phone was on silent, whats the status. Roshni says its under control. They tell her everything. She asks about her dad. Anand says he is taking it really personal. She recalls Kishore’s words and talks to Anand about Badri Kaka. They think what is

Kishore going through. She asks Kishore to come home. He reacts angrily and apologizes. He says he will stay here. Roshni asks her parents to go home, she will stay here. Roshni sees Kishore crying and cries.

Nick and Doodle pacify Roshni and ask about Badri, since when did Kishore know him. Roshni says they used to study in school, Kishore was from rich home and Badri was not, he was very humble and became Kishore’s friend. FB shows their friendship story. Badri got beaten by teacher and did not name Kishore and his friends’ name, then they became friends. Doodle asks how did Badri stay with Kishore. Roshni says when Kishore studied medical and came, he met Badri, his parents were dead and he was alone, he was poor too, Kishore gave him compounder training and made him part of our family.

Nick sees Doodle crying, and asks what happened. Roshni asks what happened to him. Doodle says I was thinking what would happen if they were not in his life, he was Badri of his school, everyone used to tease him, everyone bullied him and he felt lonely. He thanks them. They all join hands and smile. Roshni and Nick hug Doodle. Roshni goes to see Kishore. Kishore sleeps in Badri’s ward. Roshni sees Badri moving his finger and wakes up Kishore to see. Kishore smiles and talks to Badri. Nick and Doodle come and look on.

Kishore asks him not to play chess with him again, as he will lose. They smile. A man gets a call and laughs saying he is joining Leela hospital. He says offer will come soon, and is hopeful.

Nick tells Roshni that he likes her, and asks her does she like him. Kishore takes care of Badri and talks to everyone. A boy falls down and gets wounded. Nick, Roshni and Doodle see him and rush to treat him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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