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Roshni 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni going to operate Vasundara. She says don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you. Anand comes there to do Vasundara’s surgery and stops Roshni. She assists him and wishes him all the best. Anand does the surgery. Roshni smiles and says you did it, the operation went well. Badri calls Roshni. She says there is nothing to worry, dad did the operation. Badri gets glad and says Kishore would be glad, if I won’t tell him. Anand and Roshni meet Vasundara. Vasundara gets conscious, and apologizes.

Roshni says she is sorry and tells her that her accident did a wonder, Anand did her operation. Vasundara smiles. Anand says this happened because of Roshni, she convinced me for this. Badri calls Rajat and tells him about Vasundara’s accident. Rajat gets shocked and

rushes to see Vasundara. Vasundara turns her face seeing him. Rajat asks why did they keep her in govt hospital. Anand says this was close, it was emergency. Rajat says I got team here, we will shift mum to Leela. He holds Vasundara’s hand, and she gets her hand away.

She says she is here so she is fine. Vasundara refuses to come to Leela. Rajat comes to Leela and gets angry. He says his family left supporting him, he is a fool. Mona asks is aunty fine. He says he will show them being a big man and make Leela country’s biggest hospital, now this is his home and family. Sharad and Mona look on. Rajat says he wants funds. Sharad says without any plans, no one will give them funds. Rajat says I have to do expansion soon. Mona asks whats the hurry. Rajat says I don’t have time. Sharad says there is someone, but will he like to deal. Rajat asks who.

Badri asks Roshni about Vasundara and says he came to see her. She says mum is still annoyed, Rajat went in anger. She calls Rajat. He ends the call. She says she will get Rajat on rakshabandhan tomorrow. Its morning, Roshni brings Vasundara home.

The maid tells them about rakshabandhan. Roshni recalls Rajat. Vasundara gets sad seeing Roshni. They recall the last rakshabandhan. Anand says he will go and meet Kishore. Vasundara apologizes to Roshni, as they have kicked out Rajat and snatched her brother too. She says all this happened because of Rajat.

Roshni calls Rajat. He blocks her number on Mona’s words. Roshni goes to tie rakhi to him,. He says her brother is dead and throws the rakhi plate. She cries in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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