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Roshni 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni leaving with Nikhil and Doodle to see Banaras. Badri talks to some staff man. A couple comes and greets him. Kishore talks to them, and calls Vasundara to treat Badri’s relatives. She says she has off today, she is going for some inauguration. Kishore asks her to come for 5 mins, its Badri’s relative lady. She says her assistant can see. He says Badri will feel glad by personal touch. She says he could have informed us. He says he did not know it. She asks him not to be emotional, if Badri did for us, we also do a lot for us, I have to be in function on time.

He says fine, I will tell Payal. She ends the call and leaves. Anand looks on. Rajat comes to meet Mona and sits talking to her. She asks when will she get discharged. He says soon. She jokes and he asks her

to solve the problems in life. She says heart break is not easy. He says its not so tough. She asks can anyone break your heart. He says it was not her intention. She says expectations and hope, its tough. She says she will spend more time with him to learn to cope up and has to join Leela hospital for it. He says precisely and they smile. Kishore calls Rajat.

Rajat comes to him. Kishore asks him about his active practice, and asks him to see Badri’s relatives. Rajat says he will see. Vasundara comes and says did I have any option, she has seen the patient and leaving now. Kishore thanks her. She says please dad, and leaves. Rajat says you and mom are still same.

Its night, Roshni sees Nick and smiles recalling his words. They talk about love. Doodle teases Nick that he got his love, and asks Roshni to see the pic. She gets glad and takes the phone. She looks at Nick. He gets tensed. They laugh showing a frog’s pic to Nick. She goes. Nick and Doodle argue. She comes back and asks them to see chess match between Kishore and Badri.

Kishore and Badri play the chess. Nick comes and helps Kishore. Badri falls and they all get shocked seeing him. Kishore looks on. They all try to treat him. Roshni sees Kishore in shock. Anand asks Roshni to be with Kishore, they will manage. They take Badri to hospital. She asks Kishore to say something. She says we will go later. He says no, we have to go now itself.

Badri is sent for scanning. Roshni and Kishore are on the way and talk about Badri’s state. He says he told me he is unwell and I did not take it seriously. She asks him to recall, maybe he can know symptoms. Kishore recalls Badri’s unwell state and how he has always joked and took it light. Kishore goes to check the scan and is tensed seeing Badri.

Kishore is worried for Badri and stays with him. Roshni is worried for him, seeing him in shock. Ansal plans something again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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