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Roshni 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badri telling Roshni that Rajat’s dreams turned into wishes and then into his greed. She says she will bring Rajat home, she has to do this. Sharad gets Rajat to meet Ansal. Rajat asks what nonsense, and starts leaving. Sharad stops him and asks him to think its good if Ansal invests in Leela, then he will not harm Leela hospital. He says meet him once, I will cancel meeting if you say. Rajat agrees. Mona asks the staff to make hospital hygienic and clean, Dr Sameer hates unhygienic things.

Ansal welcomes Rajat and says he can’t believe Rajat has come to meet him. Ansal says he can help Rajat and he wants 50% shares. Rajat says I want investors, not partner. Ansal says he won’t step in sinking place. He says Rajat can come anytime to him if he needs money and shakes

hand with Rajat. Rajat gets annoyed and looks at Sharad.

Roshni sets table for dinner. She keeps Rajat’s place and gets sad. She takes it back. Roshni says she will just have soup, food will be heavy. She says she missed the family and likes to dine together. She recalls Rajat and gets sad. Rajat also recalls Roshni and sits sad. Mona tells him about Dr Sameer joining them. He says he is worried, he feels he is loser, he feels he is hurting everyone, he wanted to keep family. Mona says the day will come soon when your family will be proud of you, it will happen for sure as Sameer is joining Leela.

Roshni talks to Nick and says her mum is fine now. He says he went to airport to pick her, but aunty made with an accident, he understands, but she disappeared, he always calls her, she does not call him, whats his place in her life. She apologizes to him and says she is handling many things here. He says I know you are worried, but we have to give time to each other, else how will our long distance relation sustain. She says right, forgive me. He says you are going away from me, don’t say sorry, did you get fat there, did you start going on jogging. She says I don’t have time. She says you used to say jogging is best stress buster. She says fine, I will go.

He asks her to hear songs while jogging and miss him. She says I miss you. She ends call and smiles. Its morning, Roshni does jogging. A car passes by and the man Dr Sameer asks driver to stop the car. He drives himself and driver leaves. He drives in speed and the dirt water falls over Roshni. She scolds him. He stops the car and takes it reverse. She looks at him.

Sameer taunts her and races car to make dity water fall on her again. Mona asks Rajat to smile and waits for Sameer to come. Rajat asks is this doctor or actor. Sameer comes and Mona asks him to meet Leela’s MD Rajat. Sameer uses sanitizer and shakes hands with Rajat. Mona asks him to come.

Roshni comes home and they ask how did she get the dirt on her. Roshni tells about someone who was arrogant and ill mannered fool. Sameer checks the hospital and remarks that its very dirty, what does her maintenance staff do. Mona says she will make them clean it now. He asks her to get it cleaned daily.

Sameer says his conditions, and tells Rajat that he will go if he does not accept. Ansal taunts Vasundara and gets slapped by her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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