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The Episode starts with Roshni welcoming Rajat home. Vasundara asks did he come to emotionally blackmail them and ask them for any favor again. Kishore says your anger is justified, but let Rajat speak once. Rajat says I agree I told a lot and did not do anything, today I have come to do something, I did not feel bad, as I have seen the truth many times, its not bitter for me, I have come to keep my promise, which I made to Nanu and myself. He returns Leela nursing home to Kishore. They all smile happily. Kishore hugs Rajat.

Rajat asks is he annoyed with him. Kishore says I was never annoyed, all this is yours, Leela nursing home was of your Nani’s, now I can’t manage this alone. He asks Rajat to keep this himself, Leela’s memories are enough for him. Rajat says then Roshni deserves this,

as she got this back, she asked me not to tell you, but how can I take the credit. He says it was just Roshni who trusted him, supported him when he was alone. He apologizes to Nanu. Vasundara hugs him. They all happily cry.

Its morning, Roshni sees Rajat sleeping and screams to wake him up. He throws pillow and asks her is she mad. She says sorry, I got this chance after a long time and pulls his cheek. He thanks her for ending his bad dream. They talk about Vasundara. Roshni says Vasundara is possessive about him and she will find some way to convince mom.

Sharad meets Mona and provokes her against Roshni. She says ethics don’t work, its all nonsense, she is waiting for board meeting, Sameer is her only hope, not Roshni. Sharad smiles. Badri and Kishore have a talk. Badri asks him to join Leela hospital or start nursing home again. Kishore says he has left his desires now. Kishore says if he tells Rajat to stop, Rajat will stop and not believe in my decision, so its better if I allow him to work, keep an eye on him and save him. He says he will not let Rajat sink, Roshni is with him, we got nursing home and hospital safe. I want it to be known for its ethics.

He says he will see kids and inspire them. Badri says it means you got retired. Kishore says govt makes us retire in 60 years. Badri says fine, tell Vasundara to join Leela. Kishore says I will talk. Vasundara comes there and Kishore asks him to work in Leela. Vasundara says I m worried for Rajat and Mona. Kishore says Rajat has come home. Vasundara says Mahesh wants to get them married, Mona did not get divorce, she attempted suicide, is she suitable for Rajat. Kishore says Rajat has to decide, times bring changes, new generation has change in mindset, we should accept it. Badri says Kishore is right. Vasundara says if Mona comes here, I will leave home, Mona made Rajat against us, I have forgiven Rajat, but I won’t forgive her. Rajat greets Mona and says he is very happy to be back to his home, but he missed her. Mona asks really. Rajat asks did she miss him. Mona says no, I have many problems in my life.

Mona argues with Rajat and asks where did Leela hopsital’s future go, where are the funds, she wants funds. He says I know, I m trying. She says we need results, we need a partner on board, we have to discuss this in board meeting. He says fine, my focus is still on Leela hospital, we are not alone. Roshni is with us, cheer up. Sameer checks a patient. Roshni comes and asks when did he start OPD. Sameer says from today. She says she passed the license exam, Rajat is happy. He says so are you ready for responsibilities. She says yes. He gives her the first surgical case, its challenging and critical. She says this is difficult case. He says so I have given this case to you, Siddiqui and Anand are busy, I can’t trust anyone else, many things are at stake here, even my trust on you.

Sameer tells his son about a couple, who did love marriage. Sameer tells Roshni about love. She tells love can’t be seen and measured.

Update Credit to: Amena

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