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The Episode starts with Malhotra checking the patient. The sister gets a call and calls Guddu. She asks him to get blood units for the patient. Guddu asks the man to give blood units and gives the form. Sameer and Roshni are on the way and talk whether the man will give statement against Ansal, then Ansal won’t be able to do anything. Guddu takes the blood unit and gives to sister. The nurse is about to give the blood to patient. Roshni stops her and says I think the blood group is different and cross checks. She tells Sameer that this is not his blood group. Sameer asks how did this happen. Sameer asks the man how can they send another blood group.

The man says I have sent as per the form and samples, I don’t know, I will send the form back. Sameer says fine, I will check it. Sameer questions

the nurse and calls to get her right now. The nurse says Guddu got the blood unit. Guddu gives the form and Sameer asks the previous shift nurse about the sample. The nurse says I did not fill this form, I have written A+, this has B+, I gave it to new ward boy.

Guddu says I know him, I will get him. Roshni asks who is doing this. Sameer says we will know it. Guddu says that ward boy is missing. Sameer says it means someone swapped this to kill the patient. Roshni says Guddu, just you will be here, no one else. Sameer asks nurse to get A + blood unit. Malhotra looks at the nurse going and calls Ansal. They talk about driver taking their names and argue. Ansal asks Malhotra to do something. Sameer and Roshni have a talk about the patient, and he should confess soon.

Sameer says don’t know how many people here work for Ansal. Roshni asks why is he doing this. Sameer says he has greed for money and power. He says Leela is his competitor and now he is desparately trying to ruin Leela. She says he did this to ruin Leela. He says yes, its like if you can’t beat them, join them. She says I won’t let Ansal succeed. Guddu informs her that patient got conscious. Sameer and Roshni rush and meet the driver.

They ask how does he know Dr Shridhar. Sameer scares him of police. Sameer says I know you work for Ansal, I want to know from you. Mona’s father comes home and she gets shocked seeing him. He asks is she not happy seeing him. Rajat comes from the room and gets shocked seeing her dad. Mona’s dad says I m ashamed to say this, this is Bhopal, live in relationship is not accepted in their culture and society, I would have slapped you both if you were teenagers, you guys are educated and from respectable families. Mona says we were thinking to give a name to our relation. Her dad says you are not yet divorced. She says I don’t care. He says you are someone’s wife, you can’t do this, I hope Rajat won’t come here, its better if he stays somewhere else. Rajat leaves. Mona goes after him. She apologizes to him. He says its my mistake, I did not think of anyone. She says don’t care about anyone. We are not time passing, we will marry after my divorce, dad has no problem with you.

Roshni tells the man that Ansal has attacked him twice in this hospital, just think if you go out, what will happen. She asks Sunil to tell them and asks him to think of his family in village. The man is ready to tell everything. He tells about Ansal and cries, asking Roshni to save him. Roshni visits city hospital and gets inside Ansal’s cabin without appointment. He asks why did she come. She says to give return gift and shows the video of Sunil’s statement. She scares him of the media and police. He asks what does she want. She asks him to sign on the agreement, it has written that he cancelled the agreement with Rajat Singh, he will not have anything to do with Rajat and Leela hospital, and she wants her Leela nursing home back, he will transfer it to Kishore’s name right away, she does not want it in pity, she will pay a price for it. She will pay 4 crores in installments. She gives him the pen. He gets thinking and signs.

Ansal scolds Roshni and throws the table. He says he will ruin Singh family along Leela hospital, this is his promise. Vasundara dismisses Mona’s proposal for Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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