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Roshni 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad saying he got the blood units at Badri’s friend’s place, they are coming soon. Rajat asks him to hurry up. Sharad and Badri reach Leela hospital in time and pass on the units to Rajat. Rajat gives it to Doodle and they manage to continue the operation. The operation ends. Rajat and everyone get relieved as Roshni signs thumbs up for successful operation.

Its morning, Rajat talks to Sinha that all patients are fine now. Roshni gives tea to Kishore and sees Nikhil sleeping. Kishore says I m so proud of you, if Leela was here today… Roshni shows Leela’s pic and smiles. He asks her to give tea to her friends. She smiles seeing him. Vasundara says she felt glad seeing Roshni doing the surgery, its good there was no one else to do it and taunts Anand. Anand asks Mahesh

about Mona. Mahesh says she is better.

Badri talks to Doodle and have a laugh. The media asks Rajat about the success treatment of patients yesterday. Rajat answers them and says we have machines as well as doctors, whose priority is patients. A man comes to Ansal and says check the local channel. Ansal sees the news. He says sometimes ups and downs happen and are made.

Roshni and Rajat have a talk and she asks him not to thank her again. She asks him to take some credit himself, good job. He says Mona gave the idea of taking list from blood banks. She asks how is she. He says she is better. He smiles and she asks the reason. He says Badri said Doodle will match to you. She coughs and asks what. He says yes, Kishore told me that Badri finds Doodle good valued. She laughs. He asks is there anything between you and me. She says no. He asks is it Nick. She says ya. He asks what. She says no, I m leaving. He laughs.

Nick sees Roshni’s pic and smiles. Doodle praises Roshni and her family, kudos to them, how they managed everything, I m damn impressed. He sees Nick seeing Roshni’s pic and asks are you serious. Nick says I don’t know, I will get to know her now. Roshni comes to them and Doodle says Nick is in love. She asks him to show pic. Nick dismisses it and she leaves. Nick beats Doodle. Rajat comes to them and asks whats going on, I could not thank you, thanks so much, I m leaving car and driver, relax, Roshni will show Bhopal’s best spots. Nick says we can come to hospital. Badri has shown us the city. Rajat says you can go around, chill for some time.

Sharad comes to Rajat and says local news channels are covering us and publicizing us. Rajat sees the news, and they get to see that Leela hospital does not have blood bank. They remark on the hospital. Rajat says they make honest man a bad one. Sharad says don’t worry, we will see them. Mona comes to them. She greets them and asks Sharad about Radhika. Sharad says she is good, I will leave for meeting. Rajat and Mona have a talk. Rajat takes her to cafeteria and says he wants her to join them, as she has good hospital management experience. She says she felt this proposal is to encourage a depressed friend. He says I won’t take that risk. He says your smile is still cute. She smiles. He asks her to answer. She asks him to give some time. He says no hurry, take your time.

Nick and Doodle come to Roshni, while she is getting ready. She combs her hair and ties. Nick asks her to let her hair stay open and breath. Doodle says yes, you looked so beautiful on inauguration day, right Nick. Nick says yes. She says she does not know when they joke and are serious, and ties hair. She sees Nick and leaves hair open. Nick smiles. Doodle asks is this imp to go out. Nick says we will go and see city well, any problem. Doodle says no and teases him. Roshni asks them to come. Nick holds her hand and says he wants to see Bhopal with her.

Roshni sees Nick and smiles. Doodle jokes on Nick. Badri falls on the ground, and Kishore is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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