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The Episode starts with Sameer and Roshni talking about their families. The ward boy goes to kill the driver. Sameer says Rajat is foolish, he is lucky to have a mum, my mum left me and so I hate him, Rajat does not value his mum. Sameer says I feel people would feel special as mum cares for the child. He gets emotional and says all this is nonsense for me, but Rajat is lucky. She says yes right. I used to miss mum a lot in London. Sameer and Roshni walk towards the ward. Sameer asks does she not get tired. She says I like to work. He says even I like, but body needs rest, you have your exam too.

She says she likes day duty, as day has light and night is depressing. He says I like night duty, its peaceful, I feel death got tired and slept. The ward boy changes the systems. It beeps. Sameer and

Roshni hear the sound and rush there. The ward boy runs from there. The nurse checks the man. Sameer tries making the systems right and asks nurse who did this, who has come here. The nurse says I slept for some time. Sameer scolds her. Guddu comes and asks what happened, I was having food. Roshni asks Guddu to be here. Guddu says he will not go. He asks Roshni to go home and rest. Sameer asks Roshni to go and study. Roshni says we can’t know who is with Ansal in this hospital. Sameer says we have to be careful. She asks is he not going home. He says he will take a round and come. She asks why did he choose day shift when he likes night shift. He says he has to be with his dad at night. She says I felt good talking to uncle. He says he is too much good. She says its nice to be good. He says my dad talks like this and laughs. He asks her to study now, else she will have to be his assistant all his life. She leaves. He smiles.

Guddu talks to the driver and says he is here to guard him. He says he can’t see Yamraaj, that’s the only problem. The ward boy gets the reports and takes the pics. He calls Malhotra and informs him. Roshni calls Nick. He smiles and answers the call. He asks am I dreaming.

Roshni says she was missing Nick. He says he is pleasantly surprised. She apologizes to him. He says yes, its fine in friendship. She says yes, no complains. He says he would come. She says its enough you said this. He says I m just a call away, I m glad talking to you. She says I will call later, I have to prepare for license exam. He wishes her best of luck.

Its morning, Malhotra comes to hospital and goes to his cabin. The ward boy gives the form. Malhotra asks him to change form and blood group, and also change blood samples. Malhotra says patient will die when he is given another blood. The ward boy changes the samples. Sameer is in hurry. His dad asks why is he in hurry, he is leaving soon and coming late, whats the reason in the hospital. Sameer asks what can be the reason. His dad asks did he get inspiration there. Sameer smiles. Roshni comes there. Sameer asks is everything okay.

Roshni says she came to go hospital with Sameer and talks to his dad about Kishore. They have a talk. His dad tells more about Sameer and how his mum left them. Roshni gets to know Sameer and his past better. Sameer comes and asks shall we leave now. They leave for Leela hospital. Malhotra comes to check the patient. Guddu says he is alright. Malhotra thinks he will die once he gets wrong blood, and smiles.

Roshni and Sameer see the form changed. Guddu says the ward boy has run away. Sameer says they have changed the blood. Mona’s dad gets against Mona and Rajat’s live in relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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