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The Episode starts with Roshni calling Nick. She says she is coming back, you told me to become my family support, well they don’t need my support, they are sending me back, no one cares what I want. Nick asks what, maybe your parents thought something, did you meet Rajat. She says I met him in hospital, I told him I want to work and he told me he won’t let me do this foolishness, and even Nanu kept hand on London name. Nick says calm down, maybe they want to protect you. She says I don’t want to, I m fine, I don’t get tears and anger. He asks her to sned her flight details, he will come to pick her.

Rajat cries thinking about Kishore. Roshni packs her bag and comes to her car. She recalls her family asking her to go London. Mona comes to Malhotra and scolds him for not doing many operations

per week. He says he can’t kidnap people and do operations. She says she does not want promise, but figures. He says how will we convince people if they don’t have money. She says I want results, you have to achieve targets, else we will revise your contract. He laughs.

Vasundara recalls Roshni’s words. Anand says he is seeing she is not happy with her decision. She says yes, Roshni was very sad. He asks her to stop Roshni. Mona comes to Rajat and they have a talk. He says he could not meet Nanu, he is ill, I miss him, I feel this is worthless. She asks him not to feel guilty, they have lots of work to do. Roshni is on the way and cries. Vasundara leaves to stop Roshni. She calls Roshni. Roshni does not answer call. Vasundara sees the cab and horns. A truck comes ta=hat way and Vasundara hits the tree. She falls on the steering. Roshni asks the driver to stop the car and rushes to see.

Roshni sees Vasundara and opens the door. She sees her wounded and says nothing will happen to you. She asks driver to take her to Leela. Vasundara refuses. Sharad scolds a man and says how dare you say this. Rajat comes and asks Sharad to stop it. Rajat asks what did he say. Roshni calls Rajat and he is busy. The man says he was saying about Rajat and Mona, that they have an affair. Rajat and Mona are shocked. The man apologizes. Sharad asks him to get lost. Rajat feels sad. Sharad pays the man for this drama and says he will not lose the job.

Mona and Rajat sit thinking and he gets worried. Roshni calls Anand and tells about Vasundara’s accident. He gets shocked and asks her to bring her to govt hospital. Roshni says mum needs surgery. He says I will call Saxena for surgery, I will come there. Anand tells Badri about Vasundara’s accident and finds car keys. Badri gets shocked and asks when and how. Anand tells everything, and asks Badri to take care of dad, he will manage there and call him. Badri prays and calls Rajat. Rajat is with Mona and asks her not to care about what people say. He says when his family did not understand him, he does not care about anyone else. She says even I don’t care. She hugs him. Badri keeps trying Rajat.

Anand tells Roshni about internal bleeding, asks who will do surgery, you don’t have license. Roshni says you have the license, you have to do surgery, we need to act fast. He says I can’t, and recalls the old surgery where he lost a patient. He refuses to do surgery. She says please, we don’t have time, Vasundara is your wife. He says that’s why I m scared, I don’t want to lose my wife. She says fine, I will do it. He says you can’t, you don’t have license, you can get jail. She says my dream is not imp to me than my mum’s life.

Rajat is angry and tells that making Leela hospital the biggest one. Mona asks him to block unwanted numbers. Roshni says she will tie rakhi to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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