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Roshni 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara talking to Roshni. They are excited for the hospital inauguration. Badri brings Nick and Doodle home and shows their room. They both rest. Roshni comes asking are they ready. They say. She says she can come in, but promise they won’t laugh. Nick goes and opens the door. He is stunned seeing Roshni in a beautiful saree, looking very pretty. Doodle too is speechless. He says she looks a Pataka and asks her to see in mirror. He asks Nick to see her. Roshni asks Nick to get ready fast and come. She leaves.

Badri talks to Leela’s pic and says you must be happy as Rajat has made a hospital on your name. Roshni comes there. Badri says we miss you today and cries. Roshni knocks the door and asks why is he crying. She asks did her friends say anything. He says no, they

are good as you, I came to take card here and saw Leela Bhabhi’s pic, I got emotional. He says you look an angel in sari. She asks does he miss Nani a lot. He says yes, my mum died in childhood, and Leela has taken care of me like a mum, and shares few things of her last moments.

Nick and Doodle come there. Roshni asks Badri to sing, as he used to sing before, and insists for Leela’s sake. Badri sings an old song. They clap for him and compliment his singing. Kishore, Rajat and Vasundara welcome the chief guests at the inauguration. Rajat lights the diya. The minister praises Kishore. The media asks Kishore. Kishore gives credit to Rajat and Vasundara. Nick stares Roshni. Kishore says I m extremely proud, this is big responsibility, thanks.

Kishore shows the hospital to minister. The media talks to them. Rajat gives his interview and media asks about the hurdles. Rajat says his hospital will have all medical facilities. The party begins at night and everyone congratulate Kishore. Siddiqui comes there and Kishore asks why is he coming as a guest in house party. He hugs Siddiqui. Roshni introduces her friends. Siddiqui says Roshni is my grand daughter. Vasundara and Anand talk to the guests. Anand says I m not a surgeon now, I teach Anatomy now.

Vasundara asks Anand why is he saying all this, was this needed. He asks will this become any breaking news. Roshni comes and takes selfie with them. Roshni calls Rajat, while he is talking to investors. They take a selfie. Ansal comes to the party and says he did not see Leela hospital. Nick stares Roshni and smiles. Lafzon se jot ha parey……….darmiyaan…………plays……… Rajat gets a call and is shocked. He talks to Vasundara and few ambulances are shown. They all get to know of it. Rajat leaves with Anand.

Rajat asks the man to organize aid for the emergency. Roshni operates too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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