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Roshni 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni telling Vasundara and Anand that she has left London. Anand asks why. Roshni says she decided to practice in Bhopal. Vasundara asks why did she not ask them. Roshni says I don’t want to go back. Vasundara and Anand ask her to go back to London. They ask her not to argue. He says you decided to study and settle in London, we were not happy that time, but we supported you, as Kishore convinced us. She says I want to give best treatment to people. Vasundara says you can’t survive here. Roshni says she wants to support her family, she is happy with her decision.

She says Kishore would have agreed to me. Badri says we will ask him, I just know he can hear us, and he will tell his decision. Vasundara asks how is this possible. Roshni says I know. Badri brings Kishore

there. Roshni tells Kishore to solve her problem, she wants to stay in Bhopal and treat people as a good doctor, mum and dad want me to go back to London, whatever you decide will be final, keep hand on either of two cards, Bhopal or London. Kishore keeps hand on London.

Vasundara says then its decided, you will go back. Roshni asks Kishore does he not want her to be here and gets sad. Badri pacifies her. She goes and locks her room. They all ask her to open the door. Mona comes to Rajat and asks him to come home. He says he has no home now. She says is my house not yours. He says thanks, but I can’t stay there, try to understand. She says you saved my life, now you are my life, I will always support you even if your family is not with you. He says my family did not understand me ever, they are blaming me, even Roshni….

Roshni packs her bag. Rajat says I did mistake by making Leela hospital, my family, relations and I have broken now. Mona pacifies him. Roshni opens the door. Vasundara explains her that we all can’t be wrong. Roshni cries and says this does not mean I m wrong. She asks her to support her and now let her run. She says she has raised voice against the system. Vasundara says you have run from there and came here, why can’t you stay in system and fight, like we did.

She asks Roshni to believe her. Roshni says you can see my happiness in my eyes. Anand gets the tickets. She tells Kishore that she is going, she came here to work with her family, but she did not know her family will not understand her, you told me to let thinking fight within, I took this decision and came that you will understand me, I was wrong. She cries. Badri looks on. She gets annoyed on Kishore and everyone, and goes.

Rajat asks Sharad why is he resigning. Sharad says no use to work where there is no trust. Rajat says I was angry, sorry. Sharad argues and says I have always supported you. Mona looks on. Sharad starts crying and Rajat worries. Rajat apologizes to him and says you are my true friend, this won’t happen again, I won’t believe even if Lord tells against you. Sharad hugs him. He turns and smiles fooling Rajat.

Badri asks Kishore to get up and stop Roshni, he knows he is hearing them and understanding. He says Vasundara has kicked you Rajat and now Roshni is leaving. He provokes him and asks him to stop Roshni, she wants to be with family today. He asks him to get up before it gets too late. Vasundara looks on. Badri cries and leaves. Vasundara looks on and recalls Badri’s words.

Roshni is on the way. Anand tells Vasundara that they should stop Roshni. Vasundara meets with an accident. Sharad slaps the staff and tells Rajat that he was telling against you and Mona.

Update Credit to: Amena

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