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The Episode starts with Nick asks Roshni not to fall weak, and support her family who needs her now, he is with her. She says yes, you explained with ease. He says I trust you a lot, you can become their support system. Badri sits sad. Roshni gets veg soup for Kishore and talks to him. She makes him have the soup. She reminds him the childhood and he gets those memories in mind. Roshni sleeps on his shoulder. He sits upset thinking.

Its morning, Mona comes to Rajat and brings tea for him. She wakes up Rajat. He says he will go. She asks him not to feel lonely and guilty, and hugs him. Guddu and Badri talk to the staff. Badri asks them to get to work. Guddu says this did not happen right, He says those days will be back again. Rajat comes with Mona. Badri asks him to come back home. Rajat goes. Roshni

comes and Badri says how Rajat has changed. She says no, we can’t be bigger than you.

Mona starts the meeting and tells about Leela hospital going in loss, the good thing is Rajat;s meeting was successful, they will have 300 crores investment soon, we hope Leela hospital will recover loss and… Roshni comes to them. Mona says board meeting is going on, could you excuse us. Roshni says I came to attend meeting, I hope you don’t mind. Mona asks how can she attend this meeting. Roshni says I m also in board of directors, she wants to work here. Mona says sorry, but you can’t work here. Roshni asks why not. Rajat and Sharad looks on.

Roshni asks how can Mona stop her. Mona says I m COO here. The board member gives his approval. Mona says Roshni can’t work, as she does not have Indian license, rules are rules. Roshni confronts Mona. Mona says lets not get personal. Roshni says I will get license, I hope you won’t have problem then. Rajat asks Roshnu why does she want to practice here. Roshni says she will talk to him later. She goes. Rajat says I will just go and come. Mona says imp board meeting is going on. Rajat says this is also imp, you can continue.

He stops Roshni and argues with her. She asks why did he not tell anything to Mona and saw everything silently. He says I don’t want you to stay here. She says this is related to my family. Sharad looks on. She says I can try to solve this. He says we are also trying, don’t spoil your future. They have an argument. He asks her not to doubt his intentions, she has bright future in London, go back. She says she did not take this decision for family problems, she has left London, she has known her happiness is here, I realized I was disconnected there, I will get job satisfaction here. She says she will work in this hospital and not go back.

Sharad comes to his room and calls up someone, saying they have to meet at same place. Its Malhotra and he smiles. Rajat says whats wrong with Roshni, she is not taking call. Mona asks him to relax, she is not a girl. He says she has life set in London and wants to settle here, she is being foolish. Mona says you are smart, if you refuse to give her job, she will go back, she will be annoyed, but you have to do this for her good. Sharad meets Malhotra and asks about Sir. Ansal comes there and asks why did Sharad call him here. Sharad says work is in risk. Malhotra asks do they doubt on you. Sharad says Roshni wants to join Leela, our work will be tough, our plan to ruin Leela and defame Rajat will be in risk. Malhotra asks did he get scared by a girl. Sharad says she is smart doctor, I know Rajat, Roshni is his weakness.

Malhotra says Mona and Rajat won’t let her join, and if she joins, our work will be done. Ansal says we should not think our enemy is weak, I will shut Leela hospital, just my city hospital will stay in Bhopal.

Roshni tells Vasundara that she left London. Vasundara asks her to go back. Roshni asks Kishore to decide and he keeps his hand on London. She goes and shuts her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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