Roshni 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni asking Sameer for his help. She says Rajat got Ansal his partner to get Leela nursing home, but Ansal is refusing for it, as Sharad has not read the clause, either he is fool or very clever, even Rajat did not read the clause. Sameer smiles and says Ansal is cheap man, we can expect that he will cheat. She says I m sure Ansal is behind sending me to jail, I want to get proof for this. He asks how can I help you. She says I know you made post mortem doctor confess. He says I did not do that. Roshni says you know it better, I m finding the man who has bribed the doctor, I want you to help me in finding that man.

He says I m a doctor, not a detective. She says I know, a detective can’t become doctor, but doctor can become detective. He says fine, I will try, but

can’t promise. She says I believe in try than promise, thanks. She says my family paid a big price to make this hospital, I have to find lost Rajat and take him back home, its imp than this hospital does not go in wrong hands, I can go to any extent to fulfill my aim, your small try will be big help for me, thanks again. He says you are welcome, all the best. She leaves.

Its night, Roshni is at home. Guddu comes to meet her. Guddu tells about Ansal’s man bribing the doctor, I m sure Ansal did this. She says she will go with him to get that man, she will tell parents that she is going hospital for emergency. He says he will wait for her.

Guddu and Roshni reach the man’s house. He get shocked seeing the man serious. Guddu rushes to tell Roshni that the man is very serious. Roshni goes to see him. She says we have to rush him to hospital. Guddu asks what will we tell there. She says we will see that later, take him. Sameer’s dad tells Roshni is nice girl. Sameer says she is Roshni. Sameer’s dad says she is really Roshni who fills lights in others life. Roshni treats the man. Sameer says she is Leela CEO’s sister. His dad says still she is so humble, you may have her number, make me talk to her. Sameer calls Roshni and asks are you busy, can we talk. She says tell me. He says my dad wants to personally thank you, he feels I don’t know to say thanks. She smiles and talks to her dad. His dad thanks her for saving his life. She praises Sameer.

He says he is rude but takes good care of me. I wish to meet you, when Sameer said you are Kishore’s granddaughter, and you have taught Sameer to talk with girls with manners. She says sure, I will come. Sameer says sorry to disturb at this time. She says its fine, I m at hospital, its an emergency. He asks her to study. She says I got the patient here, its same man who can make us reach the culprit, he was critical, I did not disturb you. He says he will help her as she saved his dad, I m leaving now. She says thanks. Roshni calls Sameer and says patient is serious. He suggests her the treatment and says I m reaching.

Sameer comes to hospital and checks the patient. Roshni tells him that this man is Ansal’s driver and does all the wrong works. She tells him everything. He says now he has to believe her that doctor can become detective. She asks is he joking. He says its big thing, you look tired, want coffee. She says I m tired, and they go to have coffee. A man informs Ansal about Roshni saving the patient.

He goes to kill that man. He clicks the pic and sends Ansal. He confirms its his driver and says don’t worry, its done. Sameer and Roshni have coffee. The ward boy removes the oxygen mask.

Mona’s dad scolds Mona and Rajat for having a live in relation. Roshni meets Sameer’s dad. Sameer and Roshni rush to save the patient.

Update Credit to: Amena

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