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The Episode starts with Rajat scolding Sharad for not telling him anything. Badri says we should rush to see Kishore. Roshni asks Kishore to talk to them, everything will be fine. Anand gets Dr Jaiswal and shows Kishore’s reports. Its windy stormy night. Roshni pacifies Vasundara and asks her not to blame herself. Vasundara says Rajat has let me down, if Rajat was here, he would have not done anything, he loves Leela hospital, he had international deal through Mona, they had condition to change Leela’s infrastructure, I asked him to pay loan first, he did not do anything, he has invested all money in hospital’s infrastructure, he has cheated us, bank notices came, he did not tell us, we would have done anything to save Papa’s nursing home. Roshni says Nanu is a fighter, nothing will happen to him.

Jaiswal says reports and physical fitness are normal, but he is in compulsion disorder, he can get well in 10 days or 10 years, it depends on his mental strength, you all can help him. They get shocked. Vasundara blames herself. Badri and Rajat come home. Rajat asks about Kishore and Vasundara stops him from meeting Kishore. She says she is not his mum from today, Kishore is not his Nana, this house has no place for him. Roshni says listen to Rajat once. Badri says its not Rajat’s mistake. Vasundara says Rajat has ruined us, he completed his dream and forgot about Kishore’s soul in Leela nursing home. Rajat says you are mistaken. She says we don’t have place for cheaters, just go and kicks him out.

Rajat says fine, I have cheated you to hurt my Nanu if you think so, I won’t come to this house till you call me. He stands in rain outside. They all cry seeing him leave. Roshni stops him. He says I did not know about notices, else I would have not gone to US, nothing will get fine, you know mum is stubborn, I m cared for Nanu, some relations have gone wrong. He leaves angrily. She cries. Rajat is on the way and cries recalling Vasundara’s words.

He comes to Mona’s house. She asks him about coming at this time. She asks why is he so worried. He says I m not okay, and scolds her for hiding the bank notices, Leela nursing home is sold, mum kicked her out of home, why did she not tell about Ansal. She says don’t shout, I did not tell you, but its your mistake, you did not pay loan on time. He says I did not have funds, you were COO and this was your responsibility. She says my honesty and duty are for Leela hospital.

Rajat says I would have arranged funds to save nursing home. She says I did not wish this, so I did not tell you, the funds are for Leela hospital expansion, we would have lost the deal, the hospital would have shut, I can’t let this happen, I know nursing home’s value for your family, I did what I felt was right, if you think I did wrong, I m willing to resign, you will get my resignation letter in morning, you may leave now. He turns to go. She says I know emotions are attached with nursing home, but lives are attached to hospital, you saved my life, you saw a dream for me, you wanted to make your identity, I decided to stay here for you, I love you Rajat. She hugs him.

Anand pacifies Vasundara about Rajat. Roshni hears them and comes to them asking them to have food. Anand asks her about coming to India without telling them. She recalls why she left London. She says she has come to home.

Roshni goes to kitchen and cries. She washes her face and talks to maid. She gets Nick’s call and talks to him. He says just guess where I m now, I joined my dream hospital. She says congrats, nice. He asks what happened, whats wrong. She cries. She says about Kishore’s psychological paralysis. He asks what, how can this happen to such a strong person. She says leela nursing home is auctioned, I don’t know what to do, my family is breaking, Kishore does not want to lie now. She tells about Vasundara kicking out Rajat from home. He gets stunned.

Roshni tells Vasundara that she has left London and wants to work in Leela hospital. Badri says everything changed here. Vasundara asks her to go back. Kishore asks Roshni to go back, and she still joins Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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