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The Episode starts with Sameer saying he has seen himself in her, even he has such motivation and humanity for patients and he was just testing her. He says Rajat and Mona can’t understand that Leela has to be best if it has to become big. He justifies himself and asks her to get her license by clearing the exam. He asks her to call him Sameer. She thanks him and goes. Sharad comes to Rajat and gives the file. Rajat says finally, I will give this to mum and everything will be fine. Sharad says I did big mistake, forgive me, I swear I did not do this intentionally. Rajat asks what.

Sharad says this is not possible, we did not read the clause of deadline, Leela nursing home could not be ours. Rajat asks what nonsense, how can this happen. Sharad says we missed the deadline. Rajat asks who will

tell me this clause, you came with me to check papers. Sharad says I thought its small thing, I forgot, I told you about Ansal asking for deal, you said Mona will see. Rajat asks is this my mistake. Sharad says this is my mistake, we will renegotiate with Ansal. Rajat says I got my family stakes to get nursing home, and holds his collar saying you do anything, I want Leela nursing home, I will forget you are my friend. Roshni comes there and is shocked.

She asks Rajat to stop. She asks Sharad to just leave. Rajat cries. Roshni asks what happened, tell me. Rajat says I lost again. He says I m sorry, I have hidden about Ansal, we needed funds and investor, I did deal with Ansal as he was ready to return Leela nursing home, now he has made clause reason and saying he won’t give Leela nursing home, I don’t know what to do. She asks was this clause there in deal.

He says I did not read, Sharad said he has read it, now that fool is saying he forgot to tell me about deadline, I had last chance to come back in family, I lost. She says you are still the owner, Ansal is just investor. Rajat asks what will you do. She says I know Ansal has become a cancer and we need special chemotherapy for him, give me some time, trust me. Rajat says he trusts her and she can take time. She thanks him.

Roshni goes to Sharad. He asks what happened. She says if you did not tell me about Ansal, I would have been mistaken, thanks for informing me, but why did financial problems increase in hospital when you are here. Sharad says I m trying, but Rajat does not listen. She asks really, it was your idea to join Ansal and Rajat signed deal on your saying, we lost nursing home because of you, we are bearing punishment for your mistakes, you have to prove your efficiency, else I will get a new financial advisor. She leaves. Vasundara talks to her friends and the ladies gossip about Rajat and Mona having a live in relation. Vasundara gets embarrassed. Roshni talks to Guddu and they doubt Malhotra to change post mortem report. Guddu says Sameer can help us, as I heard Sameer telling Mona that he wants to prove you innocent, he has sent that doctor to police station, I will keep an eye on everyone and give you breaking news. She thanks him and goes.

Sameer talks to Sunny and his dad. Roshni smiles seeing Sameer’s good side. Sunny tells his dad about Roshni doing his operation. The man thanks Roshni. She says I did what a doctor should do. She says she has to talk something imp. Sameer says little later, meet me in my cabin.

Mona talks to Rajat and tells him about the new plans. She asks what happened, why is he sad. Rajat gets depressing and says I m a loser, I did not do anything than hurting others. He says he lost Leela nursing home again, by his carelessness. She asks what and is shocked. He says papers are on Ansal’s name and tells about the clause. She asks did he not read. He says I trusted Sharad, its my mistake, everything is over, I can never go back to my home. She says till we have Leela hospital, we have hope to get nursing home back, don’t lose this hope, your family will be proud by your success, you have to work hard and keep trying. She hugs him.

Vasundara tells Anand about Rajat and Mona’s live in. Anand says he knows about it, Rajat is not a kid, what could I tell him. Vasundara says Rajat is in your friend’s home in his absence, unbelievable. Sameer asks Roshni to tell what is it, how can I help him.

Roshni tells about Ansal being behind all the wrong happenings. Guddu tells Rishni that he got to know about Malhotra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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