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The Episode starts with Roshni saying its less chances for Mona to survive. Rajat looks at her and recalls the past. Rajat was in love with Mona. Sharad asks Rajat to propose Mona. Roshni says yes you are her good friend. Rajat says I don’t think she loves me. Mona was close to Rajat. She calls him an asks him to meet, as she is going to Delhi. She asks him to come. He says fine, I will come. The nurse says her vitas are dropping. Rajat goes to check Kishore’s protocols. Roshni treats Mona. He recalls Mona blushing and telling him about her lover. She shows his pic and says I met him in Delhi, he proposed me, I did not say anything. Rajat asks do you like him. She says yes, I do, I m confused. He asks about what.

She says maybe its too early, you are my best friend, please tell me what to do.

He says its imp how much he loves you. She says he is mad about me. He says then you should go for it. She thanks him. Roshni comes to Rajat and says I know you really loved her, I read that if your true love goes away, it comes back again. She asks does they come alive? Mona gets serious. Rajat worries. Roshni asks nurse to give injection.

Later at night, Roshni tells Rajat that Mona is conscious now. They go and met Mona. Rishni asks is she okay now and goes to tell Mahesh. Rajat says she can’t talk as of now. Mahesh thanks Anand. Anand asks will you thank me for saving a daughter. Rajat and Roshni come home and have a talk. Rajat says his life changed so much in few days. He tells her about keeping Leela nursing home mortgaged. He says he felt his dream is very big. She pacifies him. She asks him to have some rest, the day was very tiring for him, cheers to our hospital and family.

Its morning, the maid wakes up Roshni as someone has come to meet her. She asks who is it. She gets surprised seeing Doodle and Nick. She hugs them, and says you both fooled me in London. Kishore asks her to shift them from hotel to their guest room. She asks are they crazy. Kishore asks her to take them for breakfast. They talk about inauguration, and they all smile.

Kishore asks Rajat to shift Mona to their new hospital. Rajat says I made arrangements. Badri says he likes Doodle for Roshni. Kishore says shall we match kundlis and jokes. Roshni shows her room to her friends. They have a talk and laugh. Nick and Doodle tickle each other and fall on the bed. Badri comes there and sees them. He gets shocked.

He asks what are they doing. Nick and Doodle sit quiet. Badri asks Roshni to send them, he will show them Bhopal. Roshni asks them to go, she has to be with Rajat for help. She asks them to be back before inauguration. Badri does not let them sit together in backseat. Badri talks to Doodle and asks his name. Doodle says he is Nitin Patel. Badri asks him about his heart, family, business etc. Nick smiles. Badri says he will make them have sweets. They have a laugh. Ansal talks to his man and says he has a big plan, and his man can’t see it.

Doodle compliments Roshmi. The inauguration starts and big problems are lined up for Roshni, Rajat and their family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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