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Roshni 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the auction going on at Leela nursing home. The people taunt Kishore for not acting before notice period and now he is here to do bidding to get his own nursing home, he has kept his dream mortgaged to fulfill Rajat’s dream of Leela hospital, and laugh on Kishore. Anand tells Kishore that he and Vasundara are trying to get money. Vasundara asks her friend for 5 crores and says I got court notice yesterday and I called you. Badri tells Anand and Kishore that Roshni can come to Bhopal for surprise, and she does not know she will get surprised here.

Roshni is on the way and tries calling family. She wonders whats the family. Vasundara’s friend agrees to help her by arranging 3 crores. Vasundara says we did not get three notices sent by bank and got this auction notice. She

thanks her friend. Tiwari starts the auction. The bidding starts from 2.5 crores. Anand says Vasundara did not come till now. Roshni comes there and sees so many cars packed. She sees the auction board outside and gets shocked seeing the auction. She asks Badri whats happening. Badri tells her everything. Roshni asks where is Rajat. Badri says he does not know about this, he has gone out of city for some meeting.

Roshni comes to Kishore and cries. Vasundara calls Anand. Anand says auction started. Vasundara says we have 5 crores, do anything, Papa’s nursing home can’t go off our hands. Anand bids for 3 crores. A man informs this to Ansal and bids for 3.5 crores. The bidding increases and Anand starts sweating in tension. Anand hears 5 crores bid from Ansal’s guy and gets tensed. Kishore sits in shock. Anand worries seeing Kishore, and the bid is going to get fixed at 5 crores. Vasundara comes there and says 7 crores. She gets shocked seeing Roshni and asks when did you come. Roshni says just now. Vasundara says her friend has promised her to give more 2crores, and is annoyed with Rajat. Before the bid seals at 7 crores, Ansal comes there and says 10 crores. He says this is Leela’s nursing home, Kishore’s soul resides here, its very costly. Kishore recalls his wife Leela laying the foundation with Kishore. The nursing home is sold at 10 crores. Kishore is shocked. Roshni cries.

Ansal greets Kishore and asks is 10 crores enough. Roshni recalls Kishore’s words, and he said he will choose Leela nursing home over Leela hospital. He says Leela nursing home is his identity, his reason to live life. Badri asks Kishore to come. Anand checks Kishore’s nerve and says we have to admit Papa in hospital and treat him else Paralysis chances can get higher. Leela nursing home board is thrown. Badri beats Ansal and Roshni stops him. Ansal says I will not leave you all. Badri scolds him. Ansal says he will get their Leela hospital auctioned too and make them beggars, just his city hospital will stay in Bhopal. Badri says he will just come, and asks Roshni to take Kishore to hospital.

Badri goes inside Leela nursing home and cries taking Leela’s pic. Kishore is rushed to hospital. Badri cries seeing the nameboard broken. Anand does Kishore’s CT scan. He says his CT scan is normal, I think he has psychological problem, I will call my friend Jaiswal, we will take him home now. Rajat and Sharad come to Leela nursing home and is shocked seeing the auction board. He asks Badri whats all this. Badri says Leela nursing home is auctioned, its sold, this could have stopped, Rajat if you paid the loan, this would have not happened. Rajat asks what, the bank will send some notice. Badri says notice was sent to Leela hospital, not us. Rajat asks Sharad did he know about notice, yes or no. Sharad says yes. Rajat slaps Sharad and says Kishore’s nursing home has sent because of you, why did you not tell me. Sharad says I have told about every notice to Mona.

Vasundara kicks out Rajat from home. Roshni tries stopping him. Rajat goes to Mona and fumes on her. Mona tells Roshni that she can’t join Leela hospital. Roshni asks Kishore to get up. He does not respond. She says she will return to London. Badri asks Kishore to stop Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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