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Roshni 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni looking for Sameer. She gets to know Sameer has gone with Sunny. She reaches Sameer’s home and checks his ailing father. She does the treatment. Sameer and Sunny come home. The nurse tells Sameer that Roshni was asking for him and she has rushed out. Sameer realizes his phone is not with him and sends Sunny. He checks his phone and gets missed call from home. Sameer leaves for home.

Sameer comes home and asks his dad is he fine. His dad nods. Sameer says I was very scared. The man says she is the doctor who has managed everything on time. Roshni says you were not in your cabin, I came as it was emergency. Sameer asks what medicine did she give. She tells him and gives the ECG report. She says thanks for saving my father’s life. She asks him to say sorry to his

father, as he did not teach emergency care to the attendant, do you have idea what would have happened today. She leaves. Sameer sits with his dad and says I m really sorry.

Roshni recalls Rajat’s words and talks to Anand. She says she is so upset, she felt Rajat is not wrong, she trusted him, now she is scared, her trust is breaking. Anand asks the reason. He asks her to share it with him, Vasundara has gone Sihore to meet Kishore. She says the investor is Ansal. He gets shocked. She says I came to know today, why did Rajat join hands with him, why did he not tell us, does he not care for our emotions, I asked him investor’s name, he did not tell me. Anand says he is making Ansal a partner, but Rajat will be major incharge, why are you upset, by truth or that truth was hidden. She says both. He asks her not to hurry to judge Rajat, and defends him.

Rajat calls Sharad and asks for Leela nursing home papers to give to Vasundara, he wants mum to forgive him. Sharad asks now? He says mum has returned the cheques, I want to give papers to her. Sharad says I will come and meet you. Mona asks Rajat why is he upset. Rajat says he decided to tell his family the truth. Mona asks him not to worry, as he wishes to do something good and something wrong happens, when he takes Ansal’s name, they will misunderstand him. Rajat says I don’t care, I decided.

Sameer gets coffee for Roshni. She thanks him. He says you are welcome. He asks how much does she hate him. She says a lot. He says I m not surprised, I know what people call me, rude, arrogant, bad, and I m really this. She says you are a good son too. He says my dad made me good son by his love, but my mum has made me bad, I hate mum more than I love my dad. He says after his woman left, he has seen selfishness in every woman, but yesterday he did not, I m sorry. He cries. She says please don’t be.

She asks why does he hate his mum. She says she left me and dad when we needed her the most. Sameer tells about his childhood, his dad was a musician, after mum left, dad gave him much love and did not raise hand on him till now, maybe that’s why he has got spoilt, then one day it happened like Sunny, dad got kidney chronic pain, we went to hospital, no one admitted him, then a good doctor helped us and sent us to his friend surgeon, without taking any money, dad got a new life that day, then I decided to become a doctor. He says then I never turned back to see, I just turned to recall those two human beings, doctor and surgeon, I could not forget them, do you want to know who were they, Kishore and Siddiqui. She asks really.

He says yes, that’s why when Mona called him to join Leela, he accepted this offer, and used Kishore’s cabin, he insulted his pic so that no one doubts on him, he came to know about Kishore’s panic attack, Leela is selling 49% stake to Ansal, he is a cheap man, I doubt Rajat and Mona’s abilities. She asks did he ill treat her as she is a woman. He says the truth is weird, I see myself in you.

Roshni says sorry Nick. Nick gets angry. Roshni asks Sameer to help him, as her family has gave a lot to this hospital. Sameer says I m sorry, I m a doctor, not a detective.

Update Credit to: Amena

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