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The Episode starts with Kishore and Roshni seeing a patient. He tests her talent to check did he do mistake to send her to London. They laugh. He informs Sharma that the patient is not so serious. Roshni asks did he come here for one patient, you did this for your friend. He says yes. Roshni calls Rajat. Rajat says I did not go to receive her, and takes her call. She asks where is he, and asks him when can she see the hospital. He says in some time. She says she is going to tea stall with Kishore and Badri. He jokes. She ends the call.

Badri says he won’t have chaat, and Roshni and Kishore insist. Siddhiqui calls Kishore and says he has read some news. Kishore asks whats the matter. Siddiqui asks why did he not call him, Leela hospital is sealed as its made on illegal land, is this fake news. Kishore

says I will talk to Rajat. He calls Rajat and gets to know everything. Rajat asks him not to tell Roshni. Kishore says I will try.

Kishore comes home and is worried. He says Rajat is in trouble, that’s why he did not meet Rajat. Roshni comes and asks did Rajat call or some, I want to go to hospital, come. They are on the way. She says she can’t wait to see the hospital. Kishore and Badri are tensed. Kishore messages Rajat that Roshni is coming along. Rajat talks to the media. Rishni reaches the hospital and smiles seeing it.

They all are glad and Roshni hugs Rajat. Sharad tells Kishore that court has removed the seal. Roshni likes the hospital’s international look. He says mum said this was her 25 year old dream. She says she did not tell us before, we are proud of you. He gets emotional. He says he wanted to prove himself to everyone, he felt he was a weak link in achiever’s family, I always felt like a loser. She says you were always a winner. He says I was not a winner in my eyes. She says love you bro, give me a hug. She hugs him. Everyone see Leela hospital and smile.

Roshni cheers for the hospital and hugs Kishore. Ansal talks to his man and says he will get hospital closed at right time. Roshni comes to know about the seal. Badri says why did anyone come to seal. Rajat says yes, someone has planned this. They all discuss about Ansal. Vasundara says his hospital is biggest in the city, he must be feeling threat. Roshni says this will benefit him, strange.

Mahesh calls Anand and says there is an emergency, Mona has attempted suicide. She took rat poison, we are coming to your nursing home, please save my daughter. Anand asks him to calm down, and be strong. He tells everyone. Kishore asks Vasundara to tell them to take patient in ICU in our nursing home. Mona is brought to the nursing home. Rajat asks Roshni why did she do this, she was a strong person and a good friend. Roshni says happiness can drop anytime and make any strong person weak, lets hope she gets fine. He says I hope I see her alive. She says she will drive and they leave. Kishore pacifies Mahesh and goes to see Mona. Anand consoles Mahesh and asks how did this happen.

Mahesh says I was against her marriage, she did not listen to me and married her lover, and now her husband is having an affair and asked for divorce, I explained her a lot and still she did suicide. Kishore says you got her on time, things are neutral, Rajat and Roshni will be here, Mona will stabilize, don’t worry. Anand says I will be here too. Vasundara asks Mahesh not to worry. Roshni checks Mona. Rajat looks at her. Roshni says there is no improvement. Rajat gets sad.

Rajat recalls his past with Mona. Roshni says sometimes love comes around. Ansal thinks of some big plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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