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Roshni 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer saying he can’t take a chance by the available surgeons. Roshni says she can do the surgery. He asks does she want to go jail again. She says if I can save any life, I don’t have any problem, trust me, I can do it. He asks her to be careful, he will send senior surgeon to supervise her. He sees the boy crying and talks to him. He wipes his tears. He tells about his dad going for operation, he will be fine. The boy Sunny asks about the cost of operation. Sameer says we will not take money from you and asks him about his mum. Sunny says she left me and dad long ago. Sameer gets sad and says you sit in my cabin till the treatment is going on. He calls someone for the surgery and asks for help.

Roshni does the surgery. Sameer talks to Sunny and tries to cheer him

up. He asks is he worried for his dad. Sunny nods. Sameer says don’t worry, your dad will be fine. Sunny says since mum left, dad does all my work, he cooks for me, helps in homework and plays cricket with me, he is my superhero, nothing happens to superhero right. Sameer says yes and smiles. He says I will order your fav food, pizza, burger… Sunny says Daal Chawal. Sameer orders the food.

Sameer tells Roshni that senior surgeon is here. Roshni sees Siddiqui and gets surprised. Sameer leaves. Siddiqui asks Roshni to operate, and he will supervise. Mona tells Rajat that Roshni has done this, Sharad told me that papers are signed, now we should get cheques encashed, we kept many payments on hold. Rajat asks are we dojng any mistake, I don’t feel this right. Mona says you are doing this for family, the family will respect you for this. He says we should tell Roshni, I will call her. She says Roshni is doing surgery. He asks again, did she go mad.

Sameer sees Roshni operating. Rajat and Mona come there and ask whats this, Roshni is doing surgery and you are just seeing, why did you break protocols. Sameer asks is he done, hear everything before reacting, just see there. Rajat sees Siddiqui with Roshni. Sameer talks to Sunny. Sunny thanks him for food. Sameer says your dad will be fine soon. Sunny says you look doctor in this clothes. Sameer laughs. Sunny asks Sameer about his guitar. Sameer says his dad used to teach him playing guitar in my childhood.

Sunny asks Sameer to play. Sameer says he is on duty, he can’t play. Sunny says please. Rajat says Roshni is mad, she has come from jail, Sameer is more mad. Mona says Sameer will not decide without thinking. Rajat says its Siddiqui, he is called as guest surgeon, we have many good surgeons, Sameer did this to insult us. Mona says we should have reason to point out, Sameer’s every move is right.

The man says no one has paid fees, Sameer said he will pay for the patient. Mona says I will talk to Sameer. Rajat asks why will he pay. Mona says no idea. Sameer plays guitar for Sunny. Sunny falls asleep. Siddiqui says well done Roshni. Roshni ends the surgery. She comes to Sameer and sees him playing guitar, and being very harsh on himself. Sunny wakes up and sees Sameer’s anger. The strings break and Sameer stops. Sameer asks what happened. Roshni says operation is successful, patient is successful. Sameer tells Sunny that his dad is fine, smile now. Sunny hugs and thanks him. Sameer smiles and asks Sunny to come and see his dad.

Rajat asks Roshni why did she do surgery, when will she get sense and explains her. Roshni talks to him and asks about Leela hospital. She asks him to return Leela nursing home and how could he take mum’s stake. He says he has taken it for Leela hospital and also gave the rate for the stake. Roshni says maybe this was the biggest mistake to give price to mum’s dream. She gives the cheque back and says they all don’t want the stakes back, just return nursing home to Nanu, then maybe mum will be sure that you took stake to return Leela. She goes. She comes to Sameer’s cabin and does not see him. She sees his phone ringing. The landline rings there and she takes the call. She gets shocked.

Sameer tells Roshni that he loves his dad and hates his mum. Rajat scolds Sharad and says if I lose Leela nursing home, then you won’t be my friend. Sameer talks to Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sima

    Yaa lol nw wishing to c dem togeather but den nick ? Hope he getss some1 else but roshni looks more cute wid sameer

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