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Roshni 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni treating a lady in the flight. She asks her medical history and any depression, and cures her. She asks her mum to take the lady to the psychiatrist, as she has much stress. Her mum tells about her breakup. Roshni gives some medicines. They thank her. Kishore talks to Badri. Badri tells him that Rajat went to take money from Tyagi, its good he called me, Rajat did not take money, think something. Kishore says I don’t know what to do. Badri says he has an idea, but Kishore won’t agree.

Its morning, Kishore talks to everyone and tells Rajat that they can start the hospital with half machinery. He says he will mortgage Leela nursing home and then they won’t be able to postpone inauguration. They all get surprised and smile. Kishore says he will manage, Leela came

in my dream and asked me to help Rajat. Badri gives the papers. Kishore asks Rajat to go to bank and do the legal work. Rajat thanks and hugs him.

Few officials come in Leela hospital and say its made on illegal land. Kishore talks to his patient and advices him right. He gets a call from his friend and Kishore tells him that he is going to pick Roshni from airpot, she has done MRCS. Leela hospital is sealed. Badri and Kishore reach the airport. Rajat comes to hospital and sees the land notice. He says we have land legal papers, and argues with them. Sharad takes him and says we got the lawyer to deal. Rajat says Kishore gave nursing papers today and this all happened. Vasundara calls him and asks him to pick Roshni. He says he is stuck in work. She then calls Anand.

Sharad says we got the notice and we spoke to Mayor. The man says someone has done this. Vasundara and Anand join Kishore to receive Roshni, and the flight lands. Rajat says everyone will know. Sharad says Roshni is coming and everyone is busy. Rajat says I could not receive Roshni. Sharad says I will manage, come with me. A minister comes there at the airport. Kishore says he is big fraud. The man says he liked the hospital and offers help. He greets them and leaves.

Sharad and Rajat are on the way. The lawyer says he will try to remove the seal. Rajat says get it done before evening. Roshni comes and hugs everyone. Kishore says we all came to take you. Roshni asks about Rajat. Vasundara says he is busy in hospital work. The minister comes with his family, and thanks Roshni for treating his daughter. Kishore invites him in inauguration. Kishore says Roshni and I have some plans. He says he has to go clinic to see a patient. Rishni says I will come with you and then see hospital when Rajat is free. Rajat and Sharad have a talk. Rajat says no one should know this at home. Sharad asks him to stop Roshni till evening. Roshni comes to Leela nursing home and meets the staff. Rajat gets Roshni’s cal and is worried. Sharad asks him to take the call.

Kishore comes to know Leela hospital is sealed. They family discusses the problem. Roshni treats a patient.

Update Credit to: Amena

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