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The Episode starts with Roshni asking Rajat about Ansal. He says relax, I will say. He tells Roshni that he called Ansal to get Leela nursing home, now he will get funds from investor. She says thank God, I got the file with mum’s sign. Rajat thinks sorry, I could not courage to tell Roshni. Sharad goes to talk to Malhotra and says you have made Roshni your enemy, what was the need to blame on her, you won’t be saved now, if post mortem doctor tells about you, what will happen. Malhotra says I did not call or meet him, even then I got the work done.

Sharad says we should create differences between Rajat and Roshni. Malhotra says this time I will see Roshni. Rajat calls Sharad and says he got the signs. Sharad says good, and gets an idea. He goes to Roshni and says you are doing good work,

you are a good sister to stand with Rajat, you knew everything and still got the signs for his happiness, I m impressed. She asks what. He says knowing Ansal invested money in Leela hospital, you got the signs. She asks Ansal. He says yes, Rajat did deal with Ansal, don’t tell me Rajat did not say anything, sorry Roshni, don’t tell this to Rajat.

Roshni says I think you are mistaken, you are joking right. Sharad says no, its true, Ansal will become Leela hospital’s official partner. She goes to ask Rajat. Sharad smiles and calls Ansal. He says he has told Roshni that Ansal is investor, now see how Roshni goes away from here.

Roshni gives the file to Rajat. Rajat says now see no one can stop Leela hospital from creating history, and Leela nursing home will be ours. Roshni asks who is this investor. He says it does not matter, funds are imp, Nanu will be glad to get nursing home back, mum will accept me happily by heart and everything will be fine. Roshni says heart and trust don’t get fine again and again, don’t do anything that mum goes away again. She leaves. She cries and recalls Sharad’s words.

She talks to her inner voice. Anand calls her and reminds her exam to get license here. She says she will appear for the exam. Sameer gets a call and asks Roshni to diagnose the patient. She says she does not have license. He says license is not needed, I think your confidence fell after Malhotra’s incident, I m not Malhotra, go for the diagnosis. Roshni goes and checks the patient. Roshni gives the complete diagnosis report to Sameer. He asks her to help him in a presentation. She asks for a leave, as she has to prepare for her exam for license, she needs time. He says its her problem, he will find a new assistant. He gets a call and scolds the person. He says report sharp at 9 tomorrow, your exam, your problem.

Roshni talks to Guddu. Guddu says everyone is scared of her talent and many are planning to make her leave from this hospital. She asks about whom is he saying. Guddu says Malhotra, he is not a good person, he meets Ansal. We have to do something, else they will eat this hospital. She thanks him. He says we will trap them.

They hear a boy asking the staff to admit his father. Sharma refuses. The kids requests him. Roshni comes there and asks what happened. Sharma says its critical case and we don’t have beds vacant. Roshni asks who said so and why did he decide himself. She takes the patient. Sameer comes and asks what happened. Sharma says this boy brought his dad, he is adamant and Roshni is asking me to admit the patient. Sameer says admit the man. Sharma says about payment. Sameer says I will do the payment and shouts on him. Roshni looks at him and leaves. Sameer looks at the boy and gets sad.

Roshni says she will do the operation. Sameer talks to the boy. The boy says his mum has left him. Sameer calls the best surgeon for the operation instead Roshni, and this annoys Rajat. Sameer gets aggressive and Roshni looks on.

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