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Roshni 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad and Rajat leaving the place. The man comes to know Rajat is Kishore’s grandson. Sharad and Rajat are on the way. Sharad asks him to talk to Kishore once. Roshni is with Nick and Doodle. They say they can’t come and have a laugh. Roshni asks them not to talk to her ever. A man Mehta talks to Kishore and says he has a proposal. Rajat comes there and joins them. Mehta gives a good proposal of selling Leela nursing home, and he can give him 50 crores to him. Rajat is stunned. Kishore says he can’t sell it, it has memories, money is lot for me, but not everything, sorry. Mehta says its just proposal, its fine.

Badri sings and talks to their friends about the new hospital opening. The money lender calls Badri. He tells about Rajat coming to them to take money. Badri

gets shocked knowing the entire matter. Roshni sits in the plane and Nick calls her. He says he was just teasing her, sorry. She says she knows he is not coming to Bhopal. She says she hates him. He says you can’t hate me, I know you, find someone for me in Bhopal. She warns him that Bhopal girls are very smart. He says I know, so I told you, and don’t find one like you, I can’t manage. She says you won’t change, I will talk to Rajat.

Sharad talks to Rajat and asks him to tell Kishore or Vasundara to help them. Badri comes to Rajat and says money lender Tyagi called me, and he has told me that you need money. He offers him help. Rajat says its much that Badri said it and he wants just his love. They have an emotional talk. Rajat asks Badri to hug him. Badri hugs him. Roshni talks to Rajat. She says she is on the way and he welcomes him.

Rajat comes to talk to Vasundara, and she is excited about inauguration. He gets sad. She asks what is it. He asks can’t this inauguration get postponed, the funding got half and our machines did not get delivered. She asks why did he not say. Anand says machines can come later. She argues. Rajat says we have one way to mortgage property. She says she will talk to Kishore. Anand says he will talk to some investors. Rajat says don’t worry, I will manage. Anand says let me know if I can do anything. Rajat says it will be great help if you return to do surgeries. He leaves. Anand gets sad. Vasundara talks to Kishore of Rajat’s problem. He says he will think and say. A man talks to Roshni in the flight. A lady gets unwell and asks for help. Roshni sees her worriedly.

Roshni takes care of the lady and lands in Bhopal. Rajat is stuck in some illegal things and Roshni calls him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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