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The Episode starts with Roshni says all this is sweet of you, but I m not in state to answer. Nick says I know you are sad for Smith’s death, we will talk some day else. She says no, I m not happy here. He says you are doing well, we are together, explain me what is it. She says I want to go back to India, forever. He is stunned and asks her to meet family for few weeks, but not this decision. He asks whats the problem, everything is perfect, she wants to go India because of one bad surgery. She say that’s the problem, this is a bigger problem, I not understanding my identity, I m helpless part of a big system, what else am I doing here.

Nick asks about him, is he part of her life or not? She says Nick I love you, but I can’t see myself becoming more small. She cries. He leaves from there.

They are on the way back to her home. Khamoshiyaan………….plays……………..He drops her home and leaves. They recall each other and get sad.

Its morning, the admin committee asks Roshni about her date rescheduling mistake. She says she won’t apologize to attempt to save a patient’s life. Raghunandan asks her what is she doing, she will get removed from here. She says I don’t regret this, I will go back to India, I will not become a machine instead human, I won’t think much, I belong to doctor’s family where my Nana works for his happiness, not money, my dad did wrong operation and punishing himself till now, my mum is top gynac, my brother saw hospital dream with such values, I want to go to them who will understand my emotions, who will not let anyone die for protocols, my Nanu says we should hear heart always, else mind finds many ways to explain the heart, I want to go there where no one will raise question on my attempt to save anyone. He asks her to think again, and he will explain committee to give her chance again.

Nick is unwell and informs his hospital. The door bell rings and he expects Roshni. Its Doodle and Nick hugs him sadly. Nick cries and tells everything to Roshni. Doodle says Roshni would think something and decide and explains him to think by her point of view, this decision is not easy for him. She does not know how her family responds, you atleast support her.

Roshni sits thinking. Nick comes to her and reminds the old time. He asks her not to go, he knows its tough for her. She says you relieved me of the burden and hugs him. He says we took 9 years to understand we love each other. She says don’t worry. Doodle comes and surprises her. She hugs him. Nick asks is it final what to say infornt of committee. She nods.

She goes to the hospital and the committee accepts her resignation. Raghunandan is upset and tells her that she is making big mistake, its her life, go ahead. She thanks him as she learnt a lot from him, she will be grateful. He blesses her. Roshni meets Nick and Doodle at night, and tells them that she decided to go, and thanks them. Doodle says we are your friends first, Nick understands. Roshni says she is not selfish, she cares for her and Nick’s relation, but if she is not happy, how will she keep Nick happy. He says I felt like an idiot. She says she does not like system here. Nick says they will support her. They hug Roshni. Its morning, Nick says he won’t come to drop Roshni to the airport. Doodle goes to get ticket. Nick says he has surgery in OT, and hopes they are not meeting for the last time. She says no, by the way, I really loved the house, don’t know when and where, but we will have our house. She hugs him and they cry.

Roshni comes to Bhopal home. She asks the maid where is everyone. The maid says no one is at home, they all went together in hurry. Roshni calls Badri and he asks him to come at Leela nursing home soon. She says fine, I will come.

Kishore is serious. Rajat scolds Mona angrily as people have disrespected Kishore because of her. Kishore is critical. Roshni asks him to talk to her else she will leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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