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Roshni 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghunandan offering fellowship to Roshni and breaking the ice with the coffee. He says about his senior saying the same to him, that he can’t become a good surgeon, and he used to hate him. She says she does not hate him. He says he will hire her if she gets good MRCS score. She thanks him. He says cheers and leaves. She smiles. Roshni comes home and talks to Doodle and Nick, and they worry for the MRCS result to come. They check the results. Doodle passes and checks Nick’s. Nick passes too and Roshni checks hers. They laugh and jump as they all passed. They go out and have a good time.

They come home and have a talk. Doodle says they won’t be able to meet now. Nick says Roshni is lucky to get fellowship offer. Roshni says I will be looking forward. Badri gives sweets

to everyone in Bhopal, saying Roshni has cleared MRCS exam. A patient comes there and the doctor Shekhar says he is catching infection always after cure, and asks Badri to call Kishore. Badri tells Kishore about the patient. Kishore gets Roshni’s call and she says she got MRCS degree, and he is happy.

She says she is in post convocation party, and Roy said good job, and Raghunandan offered cardio residency. He says very nice. He says he has come to rural clinic. She asks him to leave it, as he is owner of the Leela hospital. He says he gets peace here, person is poor or rich, not a patient. She says fine, I will visit that place too. She ends call. Nick says the party is boring. Nick and Roshni tease Doodle for going on dates. Doodle goes smiling with the girl. Roshni and Nick laugh seeing him.

Kishore checks the patient and tells the patient’s family about the infection. Roy talks to the badge and says Roshni is lucky to go home, I have gone India 15 years before, he misses Kolkata’s food and lanes. Roshni and Nick laugh. Roy says my wife does not understand this, she is british, life lags behind in life’s race, strange, when are you leaving. Roshni says tomorrow, tell me what you want from there. Roy says I have memories. Roshni says thanks for teaching us. Nick says yes, you made us operate my mind along hands. Roy says cheers to official surgeons.

Sharad brings Rajat to some old lanes in Bhopal and Rajat asks where did he bring him. Sharad says its illegal money. Rajat asks are we doing right. Sharad says we don’t have any way, I will manage accounts. Roshni says she feels to leave right away. Doodle jokes and Nick asks him not to bad joke. She shows their new hospital pics and she is very excited. Sharad and Rajat come to talk to the man to get money. He asks them to take half money now and Sharad says he explained Rajat everything. The man asks them to take money from the safe. Rajat gets shocked seeing the money. Rajat tensely says he wants to leave, he is sure. He turns and the man stops them. Sharad says we will take tomorrow, we just came to talk.

The man asks why did they come, to take money or something else. Sharad says nothing like that, and goons come there. Sharad and Rajat look at each other.

Roshni cures some patient in plane. Rajat tells Vasundara about the financial crisis. Roshni lands in Bhopal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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