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Roshni 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara talking to Kishore on phone and telling about Roshni gone for her exam. Roshni comes home and says she did exam well. She talks to Kishore and asks him to come Bhopal, its surprise. He asks did Nick propose you with diamond ring. Roshni says I will tell tomorrow. He says I know everything happening there, you did surgery without license. She says Siddiqui would have told you. He laughs. She asks did he get her to fool, but he has to come. She asks about Badri. Kishore says he went to market. Badri comes and talks to Roshni, saying he has to gone to get household items. She asks him to come tomorrow. He says he will come. She ends call.

Rajat takes Mona for dinner and asks her not to worry. She says she is not divorced and they can’t marry, He says divorce will

happen. She says your mum does not like me, she told my dad she is not happy with us. He says don’t worry, Roshni will manage and praises her. Mona says this is complicated. He says we are together, we love each other, we will face this. She says there is just one solution. He says don’t even think of it, we will keep the baby and take the responsibility, you trust me right and holds her hand. He promises her that everything will be fine.

Sameer talks to Malhotra and asks him to help. Malhotra says tell me, I m always ready. Sameer asks about Sunil Kumar. Malhotra says he does not remember. Sameer tells about the patient. Someone wants to kill him, he has attempted twice, that’s clever person with good medical knowledge. Malhotra says he has no doubt on anyone. Sameer says maybe driver knows something imp and asks Malholtra.

Malhotra says I came early that day for my patient, you can check record. Sameer says I checked records. Malhotra argues with him and acts innocent. Sameer calls him a creep and asks him to control his cheap dpings, else he will be fired. Malhotra gets shocked.

Vasundara talks to Roshni. Roshni makes cake for Kishore. Anand calls Vasundara and asks about Roshni. He says its good news, Roshni passed the exam. Vasundara tells this to Roshni. Roshni asks about her result. Vasundara smiles and says silly, you passed and got license to practice in India. Rajat calls Roshni and tells about the problem. He says some patient having complicated pregnancy case and they want mum to operate, please talk to mum for the patient’s sake. She says fine, I will do something. She asks Vasundara a favor. Vasundara says I can’t do anything for Rajat. Roshni asks when Rajat got nursing home back then… Vasundara says he makes us work by lying. Roshni says I have seen papers with him, we planned to call Kishore here and give him papers, please for my sake. Vasundara asks what does he want. Roshni asks her to handle the pregnancy case. She convinces Vasundara. Vasundara says she will go as a doctor and will take fees for it. Rajat tells Mona that Vasundara will come. Mona says complications can increase. Rajat says I will take charge of the situation, I m also a gynac, I assisted mum for 5 years. Mona says don’t do any mistake, if anything happens wrong, blame will be on you, call and check. Roshni calls Rajat and informs him. Rajat says great. He asks Mona to receive Vasundara.

Mona greets Vasundara. Vasundara tells Rajat to assist him in the surgery and asks him to focus, behaving rude to him. Roshni looks at them. Mona thanks Roshni for convincing Vasundara. Roshni says anything for Rajat. Mona says yes, maybe this is the reason he involved you in management and leaves. Vasundara tells Rajat that she will get his services bill to him. He thanks her. Later at night, Rajat gets glad that Kishore has come home and rushes to hug him. She says she has a surprise for them and asks them to come in living room. Kishore asks did Nick come. She says I will come in 2mins, come there, there is a surprise.

Mona gets against Roshni as Sharad provokes her. Mona scolds Rajat. Vasundara tells Kishore that she has forgiven Rajat, but can’t forgive Mona, she will leave home if Mona comes here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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