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The Episode starts with Doodle writing about Tracy’s cheat and he decided to apply for fellowship outside UK, he wanted to go away from UK. He says he got accepted in US medical centre, they are like family for him, but sorry, he was feeling alone, take care, I will call on right time, lots of love. Nick and Roshni get worried thinking about him. nick recalls how he used to tease Doodle about Tracy ditching her and made him upset. Roshni recalls Doodle looking sad and they could not know it. She says we did not know it. Nick says he did not share it, I was idiot that I failed to guess it, what a friend I m. They cry.

After a year, Roshni is asked to attend OT case. Mathew asks her to do, as he can do, its his decision. She asks him why is he sending her. He asks her to go. She gets Kishore’s

call. He asks how is she. She says I m fine. He tells about the boy she treated, and his parents have come, that boy topped district in 10th board. The boy talks to her and thanks her. He says he wants to become a doctor like her. She gets glad. Kishore says every life matters, and asks her to take care.

Nick and Roshni about his book. She says she does not have any book. He says he has to tell something to him. He says Doodle, he called me, he is in US. She says give me his number. He says we will call him right away. They talk to Doodle on videochat. They scold him for being so casual and contacting them after a year. Doodle says it was not easy for me. She asks him to come back, he deserves better, they did not like Tracy. Doodle says its old things, leave me. Nick asks who is new, and they smile.

Doodle tells about his work, fellowship in US. Nick says he did his first independent surgery today. Doodle asks Roshni to give party to Nick, he has to go for surgery now. They say they miss him a lot.

Roshni talks to Raghunandan. Mathew says he sent Roshni, as he did not have confidence. Raghunandan asks Roshni to manage, and limits Mathew from the case. He says you are better than the rest. He asks Mathew to do surgical round. Nick calls her. She says she has some work, she will be there in one hour. Nick says he has movie tickets, fine I will wait.

Mathew and Roshni see some follow up patients. Mathew screams and falls down holding his chest. Roshni asks what happened. He says extreme chest pain. Roshni treats Mathew. She gets his ECG report and gives the prescription. She calls Raghunandan, and says Mathew got chest pain, he got collapsed, his BP is high. Raghunandan says he has hypertension record, I m coming. He checks Mathew and asks him to take the meditation. He says well done Roshni, you said right, get the tests done. He asks Mathew not to worry, he will be fine.

Nick gets his anger out on punch bag. Roshni comes home and rests. He says Nick would be waiting and calls him. Nick is annoyed and they have an argument. She apologizes. She tells about Mathew’s condition, her senior, how could she leave him. Nick says he is her last priority, she could have informed him, he was waiting outside the theatre. She says I was stuck, sorry. She says come, we will have dinner, then coffee and a walk. He says no, I m not in a mood and ends call. He calls her and asks whats in dinner. She smiles.

Its morning, Roshni tells Raghunandan that Mathew is fine. She tells about a case, she knows him, its street singer. FB shows Roshni talking to Smith. He shows his medical reports and she asks him to take complete rest. He says good to see you, I was little worried. She asks him not to worry. She says about his case to Raghunandan. She says its stage 4 of heart failure. He says free cardian quota is over, they can’t afford it, did he get operation date. She says 10 days, but will antibiotics manage for long. He says you know the hospital rules. She says fine, and recalls Smith.

Roshni talks to other doctors. Raghunandan scolds her. Roshni treats Smith and does his surgery.

Update Credit to: Amena

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