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The Episode starts with Vasundara and Rajat apologizing to each other and sorting their differences. He says he will come home when he gets Leela nursing home’s papers and leaves. Roshni asks Vasundara not to worry, Rajat will come soon. Rajat is happy from heart and dances with Mona. Mona asks him to say. Rajat says I went my home, Nanu and mom have forgiven me, I m so happy, I feel like a king with my family. She says I m so happy to see you happy. Rajat says now everything will be fine and hugs her.

Its morning, Vasundara talks to Kishore. Anand tells Roshni that Vasundara’s anger has gone, she was waiting for Kishore’s call. Vasundara asks Kishore to take medicines on time. She tells Roshni that she is worried for him, and misses him, but she has to see his happiness. Roshni asks her

to make herself busy. Vasundara tells about her friend’s offer to join the fertility clinic and also get partnership. Roshni asks her to accept it. She says she has to discuss something, Leela is going through a crisis, this file is last way to save it, Leela got a good investor, funds are needed. The investor has a condition to get 49% shares, and you both have to surrender the stakes, I have done this too. Vasundara says now I understand why Rajat came here yesterday. Roshni says no, you are mistaken. Vasundara says we know Rajat better than you. Vasundara gets angry and tears the papers.

Ansal comes in Leela hospital. Ansal tells Rajat that your family is nice, but why are they taking time to sign papers. You have given the word to me, and doubts on his intentions. Rajat says I fulfill my promise. Ansal argues and asks did he change his decision, he will take back Leela nursing home papers. Rajat asks him to wait for one day. Ansal says just one day, else this deal will get cancelled from my side. He leaves.

Roshni talks to Guddu and goes to Sameer’s cabin. Sameer asks her to sit and they discuss a case. Roshni gives the right opinion. Sameer asks did he ask her. He asks her to leave. Dr. Ramesh says new generation thinks they are right. Sameer scolds him and says Roshni was right, and asks him to learn from anyone, there is no age to learn, assumptions is medical line can be very dangerous.

Ansal sees Roshni and says glad to see you out of jail. He taunts her. She says she saved his daughter’s life in plane and they argue. She says she is getting late. Sameer come sand asks Roshni to go. He asks Ansal to get careful, this is not his hospital, its our hospital, we cure for wounds here, we don’t give wounds here. Ansal says who knows this hospital becomes someone else’s. Roshni hears this.

Ansal asks who is he. Sameer introduces himself. Ansal says so you are Sameer, glad to meet you. Sameer says but I m not happy meeting you and smiles. Sameer goes to Roshni and she asks what did I do, I ordered all your orders. He asks about yesterday, why did you not come, you did not inform me. She says she was following CEO’s orders, she was not asked to come. He asks whose assistant is she. He says I will decide when you will come and go. She asks why is he upset, he always threatens to kick her out and now he asked Rajat to call her, he finally understood her importance. He says we were helpless and called you to clear Leela’s image. He leaves. She thinks what was Ansal doing here, she should tell Rajat. She gets a call from ICU and goes.

Sharad meets Rajat. Rajat says Ansal came and was scolding. Sharad says he is waiting for partnership papers. Rajat says if Roshni sees him, what will I say, I m helpless to make him partner. Sharad says how long can we hide this. Roshni comes to Rajat and Sharad leaves. Roshni tells Rajat about Ansal. He gets tensed.

Sharad tells Roshni about Ansal being the investor. Guddu tells Roshni that someone is plotting against her. Sharad tells Malhotra to create differences between Rajat and Roshni to break them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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