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Roshni 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni informing Raghunandan about Priya’s death. He takes it very light and she gets shocked. He recalls Priya’s mum crying and Priya’s death. Guddu talks to his mum on phone and another guy in the hospital. The man asks about Dr. Malhotra and Guddu sends him. Roshni is sad and upset. Priya’s mum takes care of Sunil and Priya’s daughter. The girl asks for her mum. They cry. Nick calls Roshni. He says he is near her home, and why is she sounding low.

Roshni says I will come. Nick says fine. They meet up and he asks why is she upset. She says Priya Sharma is dead. He says so sorry. She says I feel terrible. He says I understand, but we are doctors, should we get so involved, we can be clinical, not personal, Priya Sharma was just one case. She says I understand this,

but this case was different, Raghunandan could have done her operation. He says this is his choice. She says he is star surgeon, I used to idolize him. He says you idolized his skills, just learn his skills. She says since I came from Bhopal, I m confused, why did we become doctors, maybe as we were good in science and biology, or because of inspiration from our family.

She reminds the boy’s case whom they saved, she realized why she became a doctor, I don’t want to lose this motivation, this is becoming my passion, I realized this after Priya’s death, did we become doctors to have lavish lifestyle. He says Priya’s death have made you stressed. She says I m stressed as we could have saved her. He asks her to make this incident as strength, not her weakness. He says you are working under a big doctor, don’t lose the balance. He hugs her.

Its morning, Roshni talks to Raghunandan. Yeh housla kaise jhuke………..plays……..she gains number 4 position in his staff. She works in the hospital and comes home late. She meets Nick and the days passes out. They watch a movie together. Doodle smiles seeing Nick and Roshni. Few days pass. Roshni gets back to her cheerful life. A year passes. Raghunandan asks her to head the surgery today and she gets glad. Raghunandan talks to someone. Roshni come to him. He says well done, you have become top of the OT surgeons.

Roshni cooks food and Nick praises the food. She says liar. He says its true. He asks how was your day. She says nothing, I did my first independent surgery. He gets glad. She says its not a big thing. He says I did not get this chance till now, what happened to you. He says he does not see old Roshni in her, atleast be excited for the work. She says I m not excited. He praises her. He says we will go out. She says she will get ready. She says she is looking good. She says wait, I will change and come.

Roshni meets Jenny and her husband Roger in the hospital. She comes home and gets a call. She talks to Nick and says she just slept. Nick says Doodle left London, maybe forever. She asks what. He asks her to come home. She leaves for Nick’s home and calls Doodle. She hugs Nick and they read Doodle’s mail. Doodle says his love story ruined his happiness. The scene shows Doodle giving flowers to Tracy and meeting her husband. He gets shocked by the cheat and leaves heartbroken.

Mathew asks Roshni to attend a case and gets unwell. Nick gets angry and tells Roshni that he is her last priority. Roshni discusses a case with Raghunandan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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