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Roshni 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni deciding to shift Raghu’s patient for the Cardiac tamponade. She says she knows that the man is Raghu’s patient and tells the nurse that she has thought well. Roshni gets the patient to ICU for the surgery. She sees the pulse dropping. The nurse says we should wait. Roshni says no use to wait now and starts the surgery. The nurse says you were right, well done, I just hope you don’t get caught in any protocol. Roshni says no protocol is more than any patient’s life. Dr. Mathews comes and says Raghu is on the way. He asks why did Roshni not call him before. Roshni says she has called him. He says you should have waited. She asks waited for the patient to die. He says you will feel sorry for this. She says I won’t feel sorry for saving a patient’s life and leaves.

Roshni comes out and recalls Mathew’s words. She talks to Kishore and asks if doctor treats a patient in critical state, will it be against any protocol. He asks did her friend do this. She says no, I did. He laughs and says congrats, you won’t get expelled if the patient is fine. He encourages her saying about a doctor’s story who treated conjoined babies and separated them in absence of his seniors. She thanks him.

Rajat talks to some investors and is tensed. Vasundara calls him and says she is coming to talk to him. Rajat asks Sharad to see if he can arrange money. Vasundara says she has said yes for inauguration in a day as chief minister is going out of city. Rajat says fine, and gets more worried. She goes. She comes home and tells the same to Kishore. She worries if all guests will come. She asks him to inform his son in law. He asks my son in law? Is it no one to you? She says he stays happy with you. They have a laugh talking. Anand eats betel by turning over Vasundara’s pic and asks peon to get more betels. A man comes and asks him to sign on the papers. Anand goes to his class.

Doodle comes to know that Roshni has operated Raghu’s patient. The nurse says I m afraid that she can get expelled. Doodle rushes to meet Roshni. Nick is with his GF and making plans. Doodle calls Nick and tells Roshni did Cardiac tamponade surgery on Raghu’s patient. Nick cancels his date and rushes back to hospital. Rajat recalls Vasundara’s words. Sharad comes to him and asks what is he thinking. Rajat says do I need to tell you, will our hospital start, many problems are coming. Sharad pacifies him.

Nick and Doodle ask Roshni what did she do, and are proud of her. Roshni is called by Roy, and they encourage her. She goes. Nick asks Doodle to think positive. Roshni goes to Roy. Roy asks does she know why is she called here. She says to explain my conduct to operate, I did not do mistake, I did that to save patient’s life. Roy says you are not a savior to go against protocols and work. Raghu looks on. Roshni says patient’s life is before protocols to me. Roy says what if something went wrong, what about any complications. Roshni does not see Raghu hearing her.

Roshni says I respect you a lot, you are my mentor, if you feel I did wrong, I will give written apology. Roy says good to hear that, I will expect the written apology on my desk, you have brilliant career, so think my mind. Roshni sees Raghu and says I have learnt. Raghu leaves. Roy says fine, I want apology asap. He says good job Roshni. She thanks him. Its morning, Roshni jogs and comes to the coffee shop. Raghu joins her and brings coffee for her. She is stunned seeing him.

Doodle says my dad will call me back if my MRCS is not cleared. They check the results. Kishore says person is rich or poor, not a patient. Rajat and Sharad open some safe vault, and Rajat refuses to take money. Some men come there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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