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The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla asking Roshni to try convincing Sebastian. Roshni thanks her for advice and leaves. Kishore talks to Badri about Roshni. Badri says she was sad this time. Kishore says she told me that she wants to leave fellowship and stay here, I explained her, I m worried that she is in love with her profession. Badri asks whats wrong in this. Kishore says the person gets very emotional and people think its being foolish.

Nick and Roshni come home from the movie. She says she liked the movie. Nick asks her to sit and he makes some snacks. She asks can I help. He says no, sit. He does all the arrangements and surprises her. She thanks him. He says I m seeing your eyes. She asks what happened to my eyes. He compliments her. They smile.

Doodle comes to them and says his

date got cancelled, so he has come. Nick says you came to spoil our date. Doodle says I did not know this is going on here. They talk about their fellowships and she tells about her first day. They ask her not to go against Raghunandan. She gets Priya’s mum’s call and says she will make the tests done soon, she is trying. They have the food. She gets the call again. Priya’s mum cries and says Priya is serious, call in emergency. Roshni asks her to give one dose she prescribed. The lady asks her to come soon and tells her address. Roshni says I will reach there.

Nick asks what is she doing, no doctor does this here. Doodle asks her not to scold her, its not Roshni’s mistake, she is being a helpful doctor. Nick says we are off duty, we are meeting after a month. Roshni says don’t be scared, that aunty is from India, she does not know rules here, I will come in some time. Nick says no, we will also come along.

Roshni comes to see Priya. She says sorry, I was at home when you called. She checks Priya. Roshni asks her to give this medicine to Priya, she will be fine. Sunil apologizes to her. Roshni says she has come to see Priya, not any patient. Priya’s mum thanks her. Roshni says she will try her best to keep Priya’s tests and operation soon. Priya’s daughter Kavya comes and Roshni talks to her. Priya’s mum tells about Priya’s health problem and Sunil’s job tension, and she can’t answer Kavya’s innocent answers. She says she made Suji halwa and asks her to have it. Roshni says no formalities, my friends are waiting outside, I have to go. The lady says she will get he halwa in a box.

Roshni takes it and comes to Nick and Doodle. They drop her home. Roshni recalls the lady’s words. Its morning, Roshni talks to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she after this case, this can go against her. Roshni greets Raghunandan and tells about checking up Priya Sharma at home, she is unwell and requests him to talk to Dr Sebastian.

He asks whats the use, I have no dates to do the operation. She says her case is really bad, she is breathless, can’t we keep her surgery at weekend. He asks her not to be adamant, this is bad to be obsessive after a patient, your responsibility is for whole hospital, not a single patient, go to OT and prepare for operation, I don’t want to hear about this case again. She says yes Sir and leaves.

Priya gets critical and her mum tries calling Roshni. Roshni is assisting Raghunandan in OT and misses the calls. Raghunandan says well done, just focus on wpork. Roshni checks the missed calls. Rajat calls her and says you forgot us. Roshni says I will talk later and calls Priya’s mum. Priya’s mum says Priya is critical and admitted in hospital. Roshni says I m coming to you. They try pumping her heart. Priya’s mum hugs Roshni and cries. Roshni says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Roshni sees her reports and worries seeing the heart rate dropping. Priya dies. Roshni gets shocked seeing her.

Roshni cries and tells Nick that Raghunandan did not do Priya’s operation in time. He asks her to make this incident her strength. Raghunandan chooses Roshni and gives her a chance to head an operation. Nick informs Roshni that Doodle left. Doodle mails them and apologizes for leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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