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The Episode starts with Malhotra and Sameer have an argument. Malhotra says I m not to be sold. Sameer says you don’t deserve to be bought by someone, and asks him to be careful. He asks Malhotra to remember right info at right time. Kishore and Badri meet the doctor Shridhar who did post mortem of minister’s father. Kishore asks did you give report in any pressure, an innocent doctor is in jail, she is my grand daughter. Shridhar says you are doubting on my abilities, duty is first for me. Kishore taunts him and asks him not to say anyone that you are my student.

Rajat gives Roshni’s bail papers to inspector. Vasundara asks him not to help them, her lawyer will come. Rajat says does it matter, why to make her helpless to stay there if we can free her. Roshni comes and sees Rajat. Anand

says we will wait outside. Rajat asks Roshni not to increase problems for Leela. She asks does he not trust her, why did he do her bail. He says I did my duty as a brother, as a CEO, I want you not to come to Leela tomorrow. She cries and says you did not believe me, I will not come till you call me back. He leaves.

Rajat comes to Mona and says Roshni got bailed. Mona shows the double income for Leela and gives all credit to Sameer. She says their client base is increasing and praising Sameer. Rajat says I know it means Sameer is Lord for Leela now.

Roshni comes home and rests. She gets Nick’s call and says I forgot to call you. He says you never call me. She says don’t get angry, I m already worried. He says say something new, everyone has problems. She says I was in jail. He asks what, you kidding. She tells him everything. He says dad got after me for marriage, I think we should think about marriage. She says we will discuss later. He says I feel you are going away from me, I m not imp to you, I m fed up waiting, you don’t call me, you don’t have interest.

She says you are being harsh on me. He asks what shall I tell dad now. Mona comes to talk to Sameer and says she came to thank him, she is happy that Leela came on track after he joined. She asks is he not happy. Sameer asks whats there to be happy, its ordinary thing for me, I do what I say, I felt maybe there is some other reason for your happiness, I thought you are happy as Roshni got bail. Mona says yes, she went home, matter is resolved.

Sameer says its high profile case, if Roshni is proved guilty, the graph will fall in double speed, if Roshni goes jail, it will affect Leela’s image. Mona asks what can we do. Sameer says we have to prove Roshni innocent, just for Leela. The goons beat Shridhar. Sameer promises he won’t let his name get spoiled. Mona asks how will he do this. Sameer says he knows how to do this, don’t worry. The men throw Shridhar at the police station.

Shridhar tells inspector that he has come to accept his mistake, the patient died by heart attack, Roshni is innocent. The inspector says you can go to jail, why did you come. Shridhar says he does not want any innocent man to get punishment. Home minister Shrikant calls Kishore and says Shridhar has accepted his mistake, I m sorry.

Kishore tells Shrikant that its fine. Shrikant says he has called his mum to stay here and will call Kishore for her checkup. Kishore says we will be glad and ends calls. Kishore hugs Roshni and says I m so happy that this blame got cleaned by Roshni, I m worried for Rajat, there is someone who does not want good for Leela, or Roshni to work there.

Its morning, Rajat asks Mona why did Sameer call us. Mona says no clue. Sameer asks them to watch the news, and Roshni is declared innocent, as Shridhar has accepted that he gave wrong report for money. Mona says I don’t know how you did this miracle. Sameer says its good that Roshni is proved innocent, I think we should use this media hype. Mona says alright. Sameer says lets call for a press conference tomorrow. He tells Rajat that he is not on night duty, but he knoiws what happens here in my absence. Rajat says I m glad. Ansal says I don’t know whats happening and asks Malhotra and Sharad. Sharad says Shridhar can cheat for money, but how did he accept his crime, there is something wrong.

Sameer asks Rajat to get Roshni back, else he will resign. Rajat meets the family, and bears their annoyance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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