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Roshni 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying she spoke to Roshni and I felt guilt. Anand says even I feel the same about Rajat. He says I m sorry for being angry. He says its fine, we have just fighting relation since 30 years. She says she is born and brought up in Bhopal, and asks did he take BP medicines. He says you did not give me. She asks him to have it, what if she does not give. He says he has changed his habits and just let this habit be. She leaves. Christine is sent for scanning. Nick comes to know about ectopic pregnancy and is shocked. He runs to Roy and tells him that its ectopic pregnancy. Roy says we have to do treatment soon, and asks Nick why did he not do the test before. Nick looks at Roshni, and she turns.

Nich and Roshni treat Christine and assist Roy. He looks at her. Kuch kam

roshan hai roshni……………plays……………. She does not see him. Roy tells Nick that surgeon should not cross line of confidence and over confidence, arrogance is dangerous for his career. He leaves. Nick says Roshni I m… She leaves. Kishore asks Badri to change, and they have a laugh. Badri checks his BP. Rajat comes and asks what happened to Badri. Badri says hyper tension and no one cares. Kishore asks Rajat to check.

Rajat checks Badri’s BP. He says he has met Siddhiqui today. Kishore asks what did he say, that he will give 10 % commission, he called me and told this, and gave tips of not going before time, as it shows the need. Rajat says fine, and Badri’s BP is normal. Badri leaves. Rajat says we want some good surgeons for gastro, will dad not change his decision. Kishore says I will talk to him.

Roshni gets bouquet and gift by courier. She reads Nick’s apology and calls him. She asks what do you think, I m your GF, save it for your stupid girls, why did you spend money on me. He asks her to forgive him. She says fine. He thanks her. She asks did he really buy it and send, or did his GF sent him, and he passed on. He says he has spent his hard earned cash. She says thanks, what are you doing. He says I was playing guitar, I was feeling very bad. She asks how bad, that I propose dinner and you refuse. He asks is there any lottery, fine tell me when to come. She asks them to decide. He says Doodle has grown up and went on date. They have a laugh. She compliments him and he gets glad. He says we will go to same place where Doodle went.

Doodle asks Nick what to say to the girl, I just spoke about medical. Nick says she will run. Doodle asks him to guide her. Nick asks for fees, as he will not give talent for free. Doodle says I will give 50 pounds. Nick says how despo. Nick guides Doodle and he starts to the girl. Nick hears the conversation and Doodle repeats Nick’s lines. Doodle says I don’t have GF, as I was waiting for the right one. She asks what type of girl is your type. Nic says tell her you are my type. She asks what, and holds his hand. Roshni and Nick look on and wave to Doodle.

Roshni and Nick cheer for a drink. Roshni says not bad, you have good practice. Kishore treats an old man and asks the guy to take care of his dad. The man asks about any treatment. Kishore asks why, you want to spend money, and gives prescription. Badri gets the snacks and Kishore says he has got this for Anand. Anand joins them and eats the snacks. Badri says I won’t eat, my sugar is at borderline. They laugh.

Kishore asks Anand did he see hospital with Rajat, we are being unfair to him, he is doing all this alone. Anand says he is doing good. Kishore asks him to join Rajat’s hospital and make a new start, he got Vasundara married to Anand, who was a best surgeon, not any college dean. He says he thought he will leave everything after Leela’s death, and then I thought about others, every day is a second chance for us, not everyone gets that, so you must respect it.

Roshni talks to the nurse, and a patient is shown. She gets a call and tells Roshni that patient’s vitals are dropping, can you check her, and he is Raghunanandan’s patient. Roshni says I know, and goes to check the man. She asks her to shift patient in OT, and she has to operate soon. The nurse asks her to think again. Roshni looks on.

Raghu argues with Roshni in OT. Doodle tells Nick that Roshni operated Raghu’s patient. She says patient’s life is first for me, than anything else, I will not be sorry to save a patient’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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