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Roshni 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni getting arrested as the post mortem holds her responsible for minister’s father’s death. The family sees her arrest on the tv. They get shocked by this breaking news. Roshni gets in lockup and hears the taunts. Rajat tells Mona that he is feeling helpless, he could not do anything. Mona asks him not to blame himself. Kishore, Anand and Vasundara come to meet Roshni in police station. She cries and gets glad seeing Kishore fine. Kishore encourages her.

Mona says what will we do without lawyer. Rajat says I will go there. Mona says your family will already be there, they are already annoyed. She pacifies him. Rajat blames Sameer for this, he was not present in critical care. Mona says we will talk about this later, we should see about Leela’s image now. Rajat

says Leela is not bigger than my sister, I m just worried for Roshni now. Kishore asks Roshni not to worry, he is still alive and asks her to say what happened.

Roshni tells him everything. Vasundara and Anand talk to inspector and asks how can he put her behind bars without arrest warrant, Roshni is doctor, not a criminal. The inspector says its home minister’s complaint against her, you can meet Roshni. Sameer comes and Rajat scolds him. Sameer argues and asks what does he want to prove. Rajat says if you were there, maybe the patient would have been saved, and Roshni would not be in jail. Sameer says even then this would have happened. Rajat argues and says it was your responsibility.

Sameer gets angry and asks him to think what he has to do now. Kishore and Badri hear the matter and assure Roshni that they will manage the matter, and not leave the culprit. They leave, Kishore tells Vasundara not to worry, she can do legal formalities, he will come, he has to see that no case gets on Roshni. Sameer reminds the laws to Rajat. Rajat leaves. Sameer says I want staff list who were on night duty tomorrow.

Kishore and Badri meet the minister. The minister respects Kishore and apologizes if he has come to support Roshni. Kishore tells the minister that Roshni has tried her best to save your father, I know the medical history of your father. He reminds him that he has told him not to leave his father alone, to stop him from self meditation, he died by heart attack. The minister does not agree and asks what proof he has. Kishore says the proof is his honesty, his stainless work since 50 years, Roshni is innocent.

The minister says maybe I believed you if you did the operation, now I see a helpless Nana in you. Kishore says if innocent doctor gets punished for honest try, then don’t know how many patients will die, as no doctor will do a honest try, about post mortem report, death leaves seeing a doctor’s trust, I m with Roshni, I will save her in every way. Someone has doubted my intentions for the first time, so I don’t have right to keep the honor letter with me, so I will return it to you soon. He leaves.

Malhotra comes to meet Sameer. Sameer says I regret to hear you could not save your patient. Malhotra says yes, I regret that I could not do anything for Leela. Sameer says you can still do a lot, you can tell police that you told Roshni to open vein and rejoin. Malhotra asks are you mad. Sameer says I heard it, we both know it. Malhotra gets tensed. Kishore talks to Siddiqui and says he has found out who did the post mortem, I think the report is wrong, we will meet that doctor.

Sameer confronts Malhotra for his lies and says you know the truth well. Kishore says Roshni saw a vein cut and Malhotra damaged it. Roshni asked him to tie the vein, when she insisted and Malhotra asked Roshni to do it himself, the post mortem report says Roshni was wrong, Roshni has done it well, patient died by heart attack. Roshni is MRCS, the doctor would have given wrong report intentionally, I will try.

Sameer tells Malhotra that you encouraged Roshni to operate even after knowing she does not hold license. He asks him to confess. Malhotra denies. Sameer says I can get you kicked out from Leela. Malhotra asks are you threatening me and laughs. Sameer smiles and says you have to work in this hospital, and tells him how Ansal became a stake holder in Leela, this can’t be coincidence. Malhotra says I don’t understand. Sameer says its better if you confess right now. Malhotra worries and gives the written confession. Sameer smiles.

Malhotra tells Sameer that he can’t be bought. Sameer taunts him. Kishore tackles the doctor. Ansal worries and asks Sharad whats happened. Kishore says there is something who does not does not good for Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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