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Roshni 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni jogging and thinking about Raghu’s anger. She comes out and pulls off his pic from the wall. Rajat talks to his marketing staff and says he can publicize about the hospital. Sharad, his CA comes to talk to him. He says he has to talk in detail and Rajat goes out to talk to him. Sharad says their funding got half, he has spoken to his sources, its serious problem. Rajat says its just week for inauguration. Rajat worries. Doodle checks a girl for her treatment and she has stomach ache. He gives her the prescription. Nick comes to him, and says I was thinking about Roshni, she is not taking call, I hope all is well with her. Roshni sits crying and recalls her Nanu. She smiles.

Kishore talks to his son in law, and says you were a good surgeon before. His son in law Anand

says he has gone to attend a conference. Roshni calls Nanu and says Raghu has kicked her out of OT and asked me to forget to become a surgeon. Kishore says every surgeon is removed from OT, and some think its auspicious, surgery learning is like learning cycling, any mistake happens, focus on exam, once you clear MRCS, who can stop you from becoming a surgeon, cheer up and look ahead. He asks her to think big and bigger. She thanks him. Kishore ends the call.

Anand asks Kishore what happened to Roshni. Kishore says really nothing, and Anand asks again. Kishore tells the entire matter. Anand worries. Kishore says I have seen you relate children’s mistake with yours, you still think about your one failure, it does not mean you always think the same about kids. Anand worries and recalls his wrong surgery and a man’s death. He sits to email Roshni, and asks her not to lose heart, he knows successful cardiac surgeons, and she can do her fellowship, he will send their email ids, lots of love, dad……

Roshni comes to hospital. Nick asks where was she. Roshni says I woke up late. Nick and Roshni meet the girl and he tells the girl’s mum about the treatment. Roshni asks Nick to do a pregnancy test. Nick says no, its not required. He asks Roshni is she out of her mind, was that imp. She says yes, I know such cases, young fertile girl having abdominal pain will have chances of pregnancy. He asks will he not know it. She says sometimes, it has complications, fine, do as you feel is right. He says she is my patient and I know what I m doing.

Anand asks Vasundara did she not go till now. She says driver did not come. He says don’t worry, he will come, bye. She says can’t he drop her. He says I did not say thinking maybe you won’t like to sit in my small car, you are always welcome. He takes her in his car, and she says don’t say my car is big, say your car is small, you don’t care, else you would have done anything to get doctors and surgeons to panel. He says he did not ask me help. She says he knows he won’t get help and his father is escapist. He says enough, I m letting my children fighting for themselves, I left surgeries and doing professorship, and he has encouraged Roshni after she was removed from OT by Raghu. She asks does it? He says you are annoyed as I m not looking into Rajat’s problems.

Nick tells Roy that Christine’s pain has increased. Roshni suggests Ectopic pregnancy test. Roy agrees and asks her to send the girl. Nick gets angry and argues with Roshni, for trying to cover up her mistake done in OT. He asks how can she let him down. She says she said as it can be complications and you would have been responsible. He says you want redemption from seniors and impress them. She is shocked.

She asks did you actually just say that. Nick realizes. She gets teary eyed and leaves. Vasundara comes to Kishore and he asks is something wrong. She asks about Roshni, did he not feel imp to tell her. He says you feel I shared with Anand, and not you, Anand happened to be there when she called. She says its just that I don’t know, not if Anand knows or not. He says you are responsible for this, you can feel bad, but you and Anand are getting away from present to get rid of past, problems come and it can’t change life’s roadmap, relations can fill space for relations, Roshni talks to me as I talk to her, I know Roshni did not call you, but even you did not call her.

Vasundara calls Roshni and says she is not fine, as dad told her about Raghunandan’s incident. Roshni says its okay, I m getting over that. Vasundara says I m so sorry, I felt you will not need my support, as you were not weak and perfect, I was worried for Rajat, I stayed in your victory, I did not think you can fail and get worried. Roshni says its my mistake that I did not tell you. She asks her to take care, don’t worry. Vasundara cries and asks her to take care. Roshni says love you mom and ends call crying.

Nick comes to know Christine has ectopic pregnancy and runs to inform Roy. Roshni looks on. Roy asks Nick why did he not do those tests before. Roshni checks a man whose vital organs are failing. She says we have to shift him right away. The nurse says he is Raghu’s patient, I think you know this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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