Roshni 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhotra doing the opration. He sees the pulse dropping ad asks Roshni to continue the operation. She says she does not have legal license. Malhotra says who will see that and asks her to do operation. Mona talks to the minister. Malhotra calls Ansal and says minister’s father is critical, he can’t survive and I asked Roshni to continue operation, now when the man dies, Roshni will be framed, if Roshni saves him, I will show Roshni doing operation without license in meda, I have clicked the pic, Rajat will kick Roshni out. Ansal gets glad and laughs.

Roshni sees the patient getting critical and calls for Malhotra. Malhotra comes and checks the patient. He says he is no more and asks Roshni what did she do, she has killed minister’s father. Roshni gets shocked. Malhotra

comes to talk to Rajat, while Rajat and Mona were talking to the minister. Rajat asks is everything fine. Malhotra says yes, and asks him to come. Rajat and Mona go out to talk.

Malhotra brings them to OT and shows Roshni. He says I tried a lot. Rajat says I will talk to Roshni later and asks how did this happen. The man says pulse rate dropped suddenly. Roshni says I have just… Mona says what will we tell minister. The minister’s man comes there and says they have killed uncle, I knew this. The minister gets angry. The man scolds Rajat and everyone. Mona apologizes. The minister says he will talk to Malhotra in private. He asks Malhotra what is he hiding, and scolds him. Malhotra says I tried a lot, I stopped Roshni from operating. He lies a lot and says Roshni does not have license, she said she is talented and has degree from London, your father could have been saved. The minister asks him to say this to everyone.

Roshni says Malhotra asked me to operate, he assured me that he will manage. Malhotra says she is lying, she was adamant to do surgery, she did all this. Roshni asks when did I say. Malhotra says I know she has no license. Roshni says he is lying and asks staff to say. The man says yes, patient died by heart attack, not surgery. Malhotra says staff is lying. The man says they are fooling us, post mortem report will show whose mistake was it, no one will call anyone till police comes.

The police comes there and the post mortem is done. The media covers this matter. Vasundara talks to Kishore about Rajat. She is disappointed with Rajat. Kishore says he is sure that Rajat can take wrong decision, but not do wrong with family, I trust your and Anand’s upbringing, his intention can’t be wrong. They all wonder where is Roshni. Rajat gets the post mortem report. He gets tensed. The man asks whats written in it. Malhotra checks it and says I was right, Roshni is responsible for this. Roshni gets shocked.

The family sees Roshni getting arrested. Kishore goes to meet Roshni and supports her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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