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The Episode starts with Roshni getting sad and leaving. Roy talks to Raghu and defends Roshni saying she idolizes you, maybe she did mistake being nervous and excited to assist you, she wants to do fellowship, she is one of the best. Raghu says she should not be an intern, and I will consider to revise the contract of being guest surgeon here.

Rajat shows his mum the hospital and she is glad to see Leela hospital. He says she made him get admission by donation. She says its not imp, you got this proposal to me 4 years ago, and I saw a shine in your eyes, I have left you with your dream and see what have you done, and smiles. She says this will be emotional journey for my dad, from Leela nursing home to Leela hospital, if mum was alive, she would have been happy. She says when people used to praise

leela nursing home, mum used to tease my dad that my daughter will make city’s biggest nursing home, and she did not know her grandson will fulfill her dream, this was my 25 year old dream, I have seen this in your eyes and did not say.

He gets a call and says Gupta ji’s call for you. She says I can’t come to my clinic now, take tomorrow’s appointment. She asks is Roshni coming. He says yes, she is assisting Raghu in surgery. She says she will be very happy then. They leave. Roshni comes to meet Roy. Roy says I feel I don’t know this accident, you have diagnosed MIC poisoning and you snapped a nerve in OT, why did you apply leave if you always come on holidays. She says sorry. He says a doctor must learn not to get emotional, you are a surgeon. She says it was a stupid mistake. He says Raghu warned to leave the doctor panel, I have to answer administration as I have sent you to OT.

She cries. He says anyways its my issue, I will do it, you need to look ahead now, you won’t get leave. He asks does she know what to do to forget a bad case, you should focus on new case, we are also on hope. He gets a call and says yes, I m sending Dr Roshni. He asks her to run, its an emergency. She leaves. She treats a man who got his eye injured. He winks to her and says he is just practicing to wink his eye. He says you doctors always try your best and winks. She asks is he nervous, because you are taking too much. He says no, I think you are nervous, you kniw better, I can say this by trembling of your hand. He asks her to be gentle. She does the aid. He says he is happy that he still has one eye fine, and does not care if one eye got hurt. He is a happy positive soul and sings even in pain. She smiles seeing him.

Rajat comes to meet his uncle and says about his hospital inauguration. The uncle says he is feeding the pigeons. He says I work for earning money. Rajat says it can be simple, money and relation at their own place. The uncle laughs and says I have to tell AK that his grandson is very smart. He says he has some conditions to work, he does not do surgery to ear, he will have his own timings and he will give 10% of his fees to hospital. He says pigeons are strange, they are free from gravity and caught by love, its just slavery, I wish this slavery was there in humans too.

Roshni’s friend comes to meet Roshni and says Nick has gone on date. He says I don’t have any GF, you don’t have any BF, shall we go on date, why are you not eating. She says I don’t feel like eating. He insists and she hits him throwing the sandwich. She sits crying. Nick comes there and consoles her, saying this is not the end of the world, we came to know what happened, you also know you are not the first resident surgeon to be sent out of the OT, you are best doctor. She says sorry and thanks them. Nick says he did not go on date. Roshni laughs on his big sacrifice. She says you guys are crazy, I will make a coffee. They take a selfie.

Rajat calls his mum Vasundara and tells about Dr Siddiqui uncle, who is showing much attitude. She says he is the best, I hope you finalized. He says fine, can you talk to dad, if he can join our hospital. She says you think I did not talk to him, he did not get convinced, ask Nanu to talk to him, maybe he will agree by his teacher. Rajat says fine, I will talk. Roshni recalls Raghu’s words and sees the patient. She does not enter the ward and leaves.

Its morning, Roshni sees Raghu in the coffee shop and stops him. She greets him and says I m Roshni, I did mistake, I m responsible for that. He asks what does she want to hear, appraisal? She says no, I m really sorry, don’t leave hospital panel. He asks anything else, and asks her to forget to become a cardiac surgeon. He leaves in his car. She gets stunned.

Roshni talks to Nanu and cries saying about Raghu sending out of OT. Vasundara talks to Nanu. Nick and Roshni have an argument, and she gets shocked by his anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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