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The Episode starts with Roshni landing in London. She meets Nick and Doodle and they reach home. Doodle asks for coffee. Nick asks him to go. Roshni says I will freshen up and make it. Doodle says cookies too. She asks anything else. Doodle says no. She goes. Nikhil asks Doodle to leave them alone. Doodle says I forgot you guys are dating. He tells Roshni he is leaving and wishes Nick all the best. He leaves. Nick asks Roshni what he asked for, and asks is this right time and right place? He holds her to kiss. Doodle comes back and says my phone. Nick leaves Roshni. Doodle takes phone and leaves. Nick and Roshni laugh.

She makes coffee. Nick sits watching her. He says he is thinking that they took 7 years to come to love from friendship, don’t know how long will it take for this right time right

place thing. She says well, this is the right time and right place. He asks really? She says really. Main tenu samjhawan……….plays………… She closes her eyes. He smiles seeing her.

He sits on his knees and kisses on her hand. She opens eyes and sees him. She says Nick, I fell in love with you again. He asks really? She nods. They get teary eyed and hug. Anand says they are feleing lonely after Roshni left. Vasundara says she will be missing us too, she was not excited. Rajat smiles and says she won’t miss us. Vasundara says come on, don’t pull her leg. Rajat says Badri was matching Roshni and Doodle’s kundli. Vasundara says I think she is happy with Nick. Rajat says I think they are just good friends. He gets Mona’s message. Vasundara asks his plans. Anand says I think she wants to ask your marriage plans. Rajat says I m busy in work. She says work will be going on all life.

Rajat says why did this topic start now. Anand says it will start any day. Rajat says let it be. Vasundara says you can tell us if you like anyone. Rajat says not as of now. Dr. Raghunandan introduces Roshni to Mathew. He gets a call and says he won’t do surgery for any random case. He says about the VVIP case. Roshni gets Kishore’s call and talks to him. Few ladies see her and come to talk to her in her cabin. Roshni says she is missing Bhopal a lot this time. The lady says this is my daughter Priya and shows her report. Priya says I don’t have language issues, mum wants to be sure. Roshni says don’t explain, relax.

Priya’s mum says Priya did all duties alone, she is ill and managed home, and also her 6 year old daughter, will she get relieved, we are told about tests before operation, we got 15 days late date. Roshni explains about the tests and asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. She checks Priya. Roshni says there is nothing risky, and she will recommend for tests to be done later. The lady cries and requests her to save Priya and help them. Priya says mum gets upset. Roshni says she is your mum, so she will get upset. She says she will take reports pic and see what she can do for her.

She talks to Mathew and asks for the tests done earlier, as her heart is not sounding good, it can be fatal, do you think I should speak to Raghunandan. She goes to him and gives the reports. She says there is a follow up case. She tells about Priya’s case, and the tests dates are after 15 days. She thinks Priya can’t survive till then. Raghunandan says this hospital is a system, everything has reason, you have a logn way to go, this involvement in any case is not good for your career as a surgeon. Roshni says I understand, and requests him about tests conducting soon. Raghunandan agrees. Roshni meets the lady Mrs. Bhalla and talks to her. Mrs. Bhalla asks her how did she come here. Roshni says Raghunandan has sent her, and asks about rescheduling the tests.

Mrs. Bhalla says this try will be useless. Roshni asks her to talk to doctor once. Mrs. Bhalla says he won’t listen to anyone. Rishni gets upset. Mr. Bhalla says she will call him and you hear it. She calls him and requests about Priya’s tests. The doctor says not possible, sorry, he has full appointments.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Roshni to leave the case. Roshni talks to Raghunandan again. Priya gets srious. Her mum calls Roshni. Roshni treats her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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