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The Episode starts with Rajat and Mona coming for dinner. They remember their choices and order the food. They smile and have a talk. She tells about the projects and suggests about investment. Rajat says we will do anything to make our hospital qualify for this investment. Roshni sees Anand teaching the students. Anand explains them well. Roshni smiles. Anand sees her and finishes the lecture. He asks them to keep their presentations ready and calls Roshni. He introduces Roshni to them. He says she came to right time, they will catch Dr Saxena.

They come to Dr Saxena. Roshni gets glad meeting him. Anand says Roshni can be observer in your operation. Saxena says sure, but there is a problem, that MBBS guy who is assisting me is not here. Roshni says MBBS is cardiac surgery? Saxena says sometimes

nurses assist us. He asks Roshni to assist him. She says I just came to observe. Saxena says assisting is better. Anand says yes, Roshni has experience, she will learn from Saxena how to do operation without tension. Saxena introduces Roshni to the fellow doctors.

Saxena does the operation and she assists him. The man thanks Anand for Roshni helping in operation. Anand says its every doctor’s duty. Saxena says the boy is fine now. The man thanks Saxena as he is his only son. Saxena says Roshni supported in this operation. The man gives her some items like desi ghee for her favor. Saxena says our small routine hospital can change lives, we have less resources here in our country, but we have to take best way, patient has hopes from us, we can’t break hope, its better to break rules. He laughs and leaves. She looks on smiling.

Mona asks Rajat to have something. Rajat says I had dinner. Anand tells about Roshni assisting Saxena. She says Saxena uncle is such a nice man. She checks her phone and says Raghunandan has accepted my fellowship. They all smile and congratulate her. Roshni says I have to leave tomorrow, I have to join day after tomorrow. Rajat says we will book your ticket.

Kishore asks them not to get sad, its her dream, we must celebrate. They all clap for her. Rajat jokes and asks her to go. Badri says Roshni will always be with us. They all laugh. Roshni recalls the people here and gets Nick’s call. She says she does not know how to react. He asks her to dance as this is her dream, she should be happy. She says yes, I should be happy. She goes to Kishore and he asks did she do packing. She says not yet. He asks her to finish packing before sleeping, what is she thinking.

She says I m thinking I should go London or not. He asks what does she mean. She says I m confused, whenever I came from London, I used to come for few days and have refreshing holiday, but today I m not excited, I m feeling sad. He says this is confusion and I would like to hear what is it. She says I feel I should do something here and leave fellowship, as my experiences here … I have seen doctor and patient’s relationship here, which I never felt before.

He says feeling like God… you feel you are needed here the mosr, ask them who stay here, they feel they will change country by their mindset and then they think its enough that world is running like this. Kishore pacifies her. He asks him to give herself some time, as every thought is like a seed, which needs to grow, the thought who holds roots tight in heart does not get affected by anything, so better take the decision when the seed becomes a tree. She says yes Nanu and hugs him.

Its morning, Rajat wakes up Roshni and asks her to get up. She wakes up and says she wanted to stay for more days. He says your dreams and career are waiting, and your hero too. He says he went with Mona on dinner. She asks the details. He asks what details, its not a movie. She asks him not to get it dragging. He asks her to go, and then he will have all family tensions on himself. Anand makes her bag ready. Kishore and everyone talk to her. Roshni hugs them and says she will come soon. She leaves.

Nick romances Roshni. Roshni talks to a patient’s mum. Raghunandan asks Roshni not to get involved in any case, its not good for her career.

Update Credit to: Amena

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