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The Episode starts with Guddu saying Badri will take care of Leela. He sees Malhotra recommending his patients here. Roshni talks to Nick and she tells about her experience. He asks what. She says about the boy’s operation and she has done it. he says just you can do this, I can understand. He says he is afraid for her, don’t do this with Raghunandan. She says I will do what I feel is right. He says this is the problem, the others find it wrong. She says she did not get any mail. He jokes. They have a laugh. He says her to say she loves him. She ends call. He smiles.

Anand tells Roshni that he is proud of her. He says many times we try to make things right and fail. She says leave all this and asks for kachoris. He tells her about a case, and asks her to meet his great cardiac surgeon friend

tomorrow. Malhotra meets Mona and says his cut of 20% per operation. He says he has experience. She says they want quality along quantity. He asks her not to worry about it and signs on the forms. Badri and Guddu have a casual talk. Guddu tells him about Malhotra and asks why did Leela hire Malhotra. Badri asks him to explain Anand and do work now.

Anand is at the college and the panel questions an student in the oral exam. The girl Jyoti does not know the answers. Anand asks him some question and asks pg students too. He thanks Jyoti and asks her to prepare for next exam. He tells the panel that she is first year student, we should ask such questions that they know.

Rajat comes to Kishore and asks is he busy. Kishore asks him to sit. He tells about hiring Malhotra. Kishore says honestly, I m unhappy. Rajat says he wants to share few things and tells about not meeting infrastructure cost, they will provide best medical facilities, he is in loan and their nursing home is mortgaged, he knows Malhotra is not a good doctor, but we hired him with a warning, we need him right now. Kishore says Rajat I feel you have really grown up and smiles. Rajat shakes hands and thanks him.

Mona comes and says she wants Rajat’s sign urgently. Kishore talks to her and says he will pull Rajat’s ears if he is bossing her. Rajat says I have meeting, I will leave. Kishore wishes him all the best. Rajat tells Mona that he spoke to Kishore well. He says we will celebrate, and asks her to come. She agrees. Vasundara checks a patient and talks to Urmila and her husband.

She says she feels Urmila has TB and they can treat it by giving medicines on time. Rajat comes to her and says he met Kishore, and spoke to Malhotra’s joining.

He says he has explained Kishore and I think he is convinced. She says yes, else he would have told you. Rajat says I told Malhotra clearly we won’t bear anything wrong. She asks how is he sure. He says don’t worry, I warned him about his secret. She says you handled him well, well done. Rajat thanks her. Vasundara comes home and talks to Kishore about Rajat. Kishore says I felt he became mature. She says even I felt so, I m worried about Rajat, I wanted to make him gynac, you said he has good managerial skills.

She tells about Rajat’s smartness. Kishore says yes, I don’t know its in our favor or not, we are seeing profit now, we can’t make others’ weakness our benefit, we can have double loss later, I can foresee that, so I worry. She says you think a lot. She gets Rajesh’s call and asks did he get transferred to Bhopal and invites him and his daughter for dinner. She tells about Rajesh, a police officer and tells Anand about Komal, she is doing phd, Rajat should meet her. Anand says very good. She says she will talk to Rajat and calls him. She asks him to come for dinner then she will confirm the guests. He says he is having dinner with Mona. She gets irked. He asks her to invite guests tomorrow. She says its okay, you carry on. She ends call.

Roshni is pleased seeing the patients valuing her and talks to Kishore. She tells everyone that she has to leave as Raghunandan has accepted her fellowship.

Update Credit to: Amena

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