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The Episode starts with Sameer scolding Roshni for breaking the protocols and asking her to become a doctor. He asks her to leave. She says sorry for not being sorry, I will do the same if such situation happens again. Badri calls Roshni. She tells about emergency and thankfully patient is fine. He asks her to come home and rest. He says Kishore is wishing to see her. She says fine, I will come. Sameer says you can’t go, you have to monitor the patient, I order night duty for you. She says but, Kishore started walking today. He asks her to meet Kishore tomorrow and goes.

Kishore and everyone see Sameer’s interview on tv. Kishore says who is Sameer. Anand says Roshni is working under him. Kishore says Rajat did this good, such doctors can make Leela’s image well. Vasundara calls Roshni.

She tells about the tough case. Kishore says I liked Sameer, now Leela is in right hands. She says I have night duty. Kishore says fine, we will meet in breakfast, but why did she look tensed infront of press. Roshni says I was tired.

Vasundara says Roshni is working hard. Kishore says you were also such. They talk about Roshni’s birthday after 2 days, they should celebrate, we will keep surprise for her. Anand talks about Rajat and apologizes, saying Rajat won’t be here this time. Rajat calls Mona and asks where is she. Mona is with Sameer at the pub, and tells Rajat that she is with Sameer, she called him, but he was busy in meeting. Rajat argues with her and asks whats urgent meeting going in pub. She says relax, we will know it by talking to him. She asks is he missing her and being possessive. He says he worries for her. She says so cute, I love you, I will come home and say what Sameer told.

Badri meets Roshni and brings homefood for her. He asks her to eat food. Sameer tells Mona that she does not argue for waste matters, he likes this about her. Mona says I know its imp that you called me, I wanted to thank you for presenting Leela well in press conference. Badri says Roshni did treatment and Sameer took the credit. Sameer says I know Mona can’t take risk to drink if Rajat is not here. Mona says no, I would just take fresh lime soda. Sameer says so you are like Rajat, good girl. She says you can say I m boring too.

Mona tells everything about Roshni and their family problems. Guddu tells Badri about Sameer. Mona tells Sameer that Roshni came for job, she does not have license, so I offered her assistant’s job. Sameer says interesting. Rajat gets home minister Shrikant’s call. He tells Rajat about his dad’s health and he is sending his dad to Leela.

Rajat calls Roshni and tells about urgent case. He asks her to keep everything ready, Malhotra will come there soon, I m coming, its VVIP case, we can’t afford any mistake. Roshni says don’t worry, I will handle everything. Rajat calls Mona. Malhotra meets Shrikant and says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen t your dad. Rajat comes and asks Shrikant not to worry. Shrikant says his dad wanted his treatment to be done here in Leela. Mona says don’t worry. Malhotra says we have to operate the patient immediately.

Malhotra frames Roshni and she lands in jail. Kishore and family supports Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am from London and India is very famous for health tourism
    This sort of serial will put people off from coming to India for treatment
    as it just shows that private hospitals are for making money only

    1. Its true even in S.A. India is very famous for all medical issue nd ya dis is ruining it

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