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The Episode starts with Kishore telling the people about Madhav doing a mistake to give Vit A tablet to his wife, which acted like poison for her and baby got weak. He defends Dr Manoj, and says he has suggested right to them. He says the lady can conceive again, and asks them not to become doctor themselves. They all leave. Kishore tells Roshni that sometimes they have to cure patients’s relatives too. Mona tells Rajat about public health care scheme and the funding can help patients, their burden of cost will get less.

Sharad agrees. She says we want visiting doctors, we have to increase numbers, so she has put ad on her website. Sharad says he has a conference and leaves. Mona asks Rajat whats the matter. Rajat says I m worried about Kishore, he gave me freedom to decide, but is he convinced?

She asks him to get convinced and manage the decisions. She asks him to manage everything on his own.

A lady asks Roshni to save his son, he is serious. His dad says the doctor said they can’t guarantee that they can save the boy, if he has to die, we will take him home, why should we fill form. Roshni checks the form and goes to talk to the doctor. She asks about the patient, and surgeon Rastogi talks to her. She asks why are parents not giving consent. The man says the boy is very unwell, its high risk case. She asks did they not try to convince them. Rastogi says Manoj was getting beaten up in morning, the people can beat them if anything goes wrong. She talks to the boy’s parents and takes consent form.

She says there is still 1% chance that boy can survive, so sign on this form, the boy will be saved if Lord wills. The man signs on the form. Kishore talks to the doctor. The doctor tells about the case, its high risk case. Kishore asks Rastogi not to worry. Rastogi says I have small children, I m worried. Kishore says are you out of your mind, patient signed consent form, how can you refuse, the boy can survive to.

Roshni asks can I do the surgery. Kishore says no, you are not a part of this hospital. The doctor says he will take additional consent from patient’s patient. Kishore says fine, go ahead Roshni and asks Rastogi to be with her in OT. He wishes her all the best. Badri asks Kishore why did he agree. Kishore says she showed courage, we should support her.

Roshni operates the boy. The boy’s parents pray for him. Kishore and Badri wait outside. The power goes and she asks sister to get the torch. She asks them to switch on generator fast. They see BP dropping. She asks Rastogi to increase saline flow. Roshni does the operation and comes out. They all look at her. She says Lord has heard them, the boy is fine, operation was successful. The lady thanks her and falls in her feet. The man says you are Lord for us. Kishore smiles. Roshni gets stunned and Kishore nods. He hugs her.

Roshni recalls the boy’s parents and smiles. Malhotra meets someone and says let me join first, till then manage my clinic. The man asks why did he join Leela. Malhotra tells Shukla about earning a lot from Leela, he has to buy imported car soon. Badri, Kishore and Siddiqui have a talk. Kishore and Siddiqui talk about Rajat. Siddiqui says Rajat is hiring Malhotra. Kishore asks is he jealous and they laugh. Kishore says you lose as you see my move and play, you have to see your play always, and makes him lose. Malhotra comes to Leela and enters the hospital.

Malhotra tells his deal to Mona. Kishore is annoyed with Rajat. Vasundara asks Rajat to come for dinner and gets miffed hearing he is going for dinner with Mona.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wooh such a nice episode its most wonderful to see our loved ones get fine after their critical condition.Most of the people do not get this amazing opportunity.

  2. HUD epi!!!!!! But want more nick and roshni scenes

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