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Roshni 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni agreeing to take her family’s signs for Rajat’s sake. Mona gets glad and says I knew you would agree. Some people come to meet Kishore. They request them to let them meet Kishore. The people talk about Kishore. Kishore tells Badri that they all asked me about my health, not about Leela’s auction. Badri says poor people have good hearts, unlike Ansal. Sharad gets a call and tells Ansal that Mona convinced Roshni to take Rajat’s family stakes. He says Roshni will get the signs, Mona will not tell anyone that Rajat did the deal with Ansal. Malhotra warns them about Roshni, she is not a fool like her brother, she is not afraid of anyone, this won’t be possible with her being in hospital. Ansal asks Malhotra to do anything to break Roshni from Rajat and Sameer.


calls Roshni and says Kishore is walking too. Roshni gets glad. Roshni sees a family bringing a woman injured. Sameer checks the woman and tells the staff that if the patient does not have survival chances, then don’t take the patient inside the hospital. He sends the patient out. Roshni sees this and recalls Sameer’s words. She sees the family crying. A girl asks Roshni to save her mum and breaks her piggy bank to give her money. Roshni stops the staff and tells them that she can’t go against her profession, she is just seeing her duty. The nurse says Sameer checked the patient and there is no chance that she will survive. Roshni says there is survival chance till she is breathing. Sameer comes there and blocks her way.

Roshni reminds the rules that no hospital can’t avoid any patient, they have become doctors to save patient’s life, not hospital’s name. Sameer moves. Roshni takes the doctor to the OT. Roshni treats the woman. The girl prays for her mum. The woman’s mum asks the nurse about her daughter.

The nurse says doctor is trying her best. Roshni says her BP and pulse are running normal now, her breathing is fine now, I think we did it and thanks the staff. The man says we feel Sameer will fire us. Roshni says no, I assure I will talk to Sameer. The man says we are glad to help to save patient’s life. Roshni tells the family that the lady is fine now. Roshni sees Sameer giving his statement to media and praising the patient. Roshni sees the patient taken to the media. Sameer gives his speech as if he has done the miracle and says Roshni’s words. Sameer takes all the credit of what Roshni did and smiles. Roshni takes the patient and leaves. The media praises Sameer.

Sharad takes Rajat for meeting with Ansal and fools Rajat again. Roshni comes to Sameer. He scolds her for breaking the rules. He gives her a long lecture.

Sameer meets Mona and asks about Roshni. Sameer tries dominating Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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