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Roshni 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu telling Rajat about a patient having stomach infection by wrong treatment at City hospital. He asks Rajat to catch those doctors and Rajat confirms this from Siddiqui. Siddiqui says surgeon does this when he is more focused on bank account. Rajat says I will talk later and calls Sharad, and says we won’t get better chance to bring this truth out against city hospital. Sharad says yes, I will spread this news. Sharad is at the kidney donation centre and the man tells him that nothing happened, after Sharad everything will get fine.

Roshni meets Mona at Leela and they talk positive possibilities. Mona says we want more cancer surgeons, the treatment is most costly. Rishni says she did not think this way. Mona says you have to think when you run crores industry. Roshni

gets thinking. Rajat comes to Sharad and they go to meet Dr Malhotra. Malhotra gives them guarantee of 30 patients per week, he will get profit for them, and he will have 20% cut.

Sharad gets a call and goes out. He asks is he 100% sure, and stops the press release. Rajat tells Malhotra about his mistake during surgery and asks him to sign the contract on their terms. Malhotra gets tensed and signs the papers. Rajat welcomes Malhotra aboard. Sharad tells Rajat about Malhotra, how will Kishore react.

Some people protest at the nursing home. The doctor lock the door. Dr Manoj hides and the people hide. Vasundara talks to Badri. She says Roshni informed her how dad reacted and how Badri has calmed him, dad is very simple. Badri says I know. She says Rajat has pressure on him, he is caring for Kishore, but they have to leave Rajat for taking decisions practically. Badri says yes, I have explained to Kishore.

He gets a call and says Kishore is leaving now, why.. He gets shocked and says we will reach there soon. He tells Vasundara about people protesting. Guddu talks to Rajat. A man stops him and asks about the expenses here. Roshni, Kishore and Badri come there and see the protestors. Kishore talks to the man and explains them that nothing will happen if they protest. They complain about Manoj, he gave wrong treatment and a lady lost her baby. Kishore says he will talk to Manoj, if its his mistake, he will give him to police. They agree.

Kishore goes to talk to Manoj and sees him hiding under the table. Kishore asks him the truth. Manoj tells him everything. Kishore is shocked. Manoj clarifies the matter. Kishore comes to the people and they all look on.

A man tells about his ailing son to Roshni. The man tells Kishore that its high risk case. Roshni operates and the power goes. Malhotra lands in Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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