roses and thorns teaser

hey guys sorry will not be able to post for almost a week having works at school so really sorry. busy wid studies and all sooo sorry


guy- swara i love u the very day i saw u. i wanted u to by my side forever. will u marry me???

swara- wat???(she was shocked and was not able to understand anything)
and she said sorry yr i have always seen u as my friend. i am nt ready for this.
saying this see ran from their.
the guy was shattered and heartbroken. the only love of life had rejected him. he was crying silently.

@ forest

few men attacked a guy and a girl and kidnapped them.

@ umknown place
anirudh – hw cud u do this and he shot the person right in front of him in his heart.

who proposed swara?? who were kidnapped?? why was anirudh angry??
and whom he killed???

to be continued

i am sorry guys again bt will try best to upload if possible as this ff is very dear to me.

love u all
will miss u

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  1. I think it is Samar who proposed her. Nice teaser. We will wait for you until you finish your work.

    1. thanks cherry
      i am glad to have ur comment
      it really means a lot to me

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