Roses and thorns (chapter 9)

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part 9

a new morning wid the chirping sounds of birds and sweet and warm rays of sun spread all over the world. it is said a new morning bring not only a new day bt new challenges and phases in one’s life. so here we have to check that will this day will bring any changes for our love birds….

@ swara’s house
she was getting ready to leave for school bt she was looking tired and pale. dont know wat happened to her bt something was not right.
then her houses door bell rings and she goes to open it. their she found someone whom she was not expecting at all her all tiredness vanishes and she smiled brightly to the person. and hugged him and he hugged her back
swara- hey samar hwzs u?? met after a long tym
samar-yeah dear i am f9 came bck yesterday and ragini told me abt u so i was nt able to stop myselves from meeting u and i drove to ur place. soorrry for disturbance
swara- will u stop ur drama and this was nt disturbance and i am happy that u still remember me
samar- okay leave all this was u going somewhere???
swara- yup to school
samar- hey dont tell me u r still a school going girl in which classs do u read???
swara hit him playfully and said u forgot i am nt of ur age i go their for teaching students like u
samar- so u go to school for torturing not to get tortured nice nice
swara-bie samar will talk to u later i am getting late
samar- ok bt w8 i will drop u at this swara agrees and they both left to school
( note: swara only thinks samar as her best friend nothing else)
@ other side
ragini ws pacing in her room here and there thinking how to tell her lover boy that she loves him
and suddenly an idea struck her mind and she smiles

swara and samr reached the school and they were talking wid eo and laughing nd while laughing swara kept her hand on samar’s shoulder which sent shivers in samar’s body bt fire in sanskaar’s( haha lol sanskar was w8ing for swara andwen they arrived he was jst abt to go but….)
now this was nt bearable for sanky so he went to thm and was shocked to see samar over their
sanky- hey swara and samar wat r u doing here???
samar- kuch nhi sanskar was here to drop my friend oops best friend and smiles
swara- hey w8 do u guys know eo
samar- yup now plz dont ask how its a long story will tell later dear and ya be ready tonight.
sanky was shocked and angry on his word that is dear and also confused for their plan for tonight ad was thinking smthng smthng( naughty sanky:-P 😉 ) and he shouts nahiiiiiiii
swara was shocked and came near sanky and saw him sweating and asked him wt happened??? if he is f9??
sanky- ya i am f9 (smiles fakely )
samar- kya hua are u dont look like f9. waise sanskar wat r u doing here in school
sanky(a bit rudely[side effect of dream]) thats not of ur concern u may leave now and get ur work done.
poor samar leaves
swara- wat happened to u why was u soooo rude???
snky(rude) no nothing i have a class toh have to leave will catch u later
he also leaves leaving swara confused
after some tym she came back to her senses
swara(in mind) tu kissi din pagal ho jayegi jst stop thinking and leave for ur class

on the other side
sanky(in mind) wat jst happened wid me?? why was i so angry to ses them like that?? why i felt restless thinking abt that dream?? why i cant resist myself for looking her, for admiring her???
what had she done to me?? why i felt a strong attraction towards her??? do i.. do i love her???? no no no sanky this is rubbish u cant even think of it. leave all this. this is jst a stupid inftuation bt am i a kid for infatuation, if i seriously love her…….
no sanky stop urself either its infatuation or love u have to bury this feelings deep inside u. and he leaves from their wen he was going in the corridie he heard the voice of sobbing coming frm a room. he lead his way to room and was shocked to see swara crying their hard sitting on of the benches in an empty room (looks like wat she was thinking in the morning took place over her once again)
this sight ws worst for him and even more bad then the worst nightmare ever. he felt his heart broken down into infinite pieces and tears found place from his eyes down to his cheeks. their he understand
sanky-(in mind) no u cnt stay away from her u cannot bury ur feelings for her.she is the one whose smile make u smile and whose tears makes ur eyes moist. she is such an pious soul. i love her. i love her . i feel like dancing or flying in sky bt he controls himself and went to his lady love and sat beside her
sanky- swara!! are u okay???
swara- ( wiping her tears and planting a smile on her face) ya very f9
sanky- then these tears???
swara- she shows him something in her hand and on seeing it sanky started laughing loudly
sanky- u r a kid swara after reading a novel who crys?? and u scared me like hell
swara- i cry after reading novel ad why was u sacred wat was the need to ne sacred?? i was jst crying nt dieing and she left from their. While going something fell from his book whicb was not noticed by swara bt was by sanky and he reached to it and read it was like a letter and he ws shocked after reading this and tears roll down from his eyes.
snky- hw cud he do this wid my swara. swara till now u have faced many problems bt now i will make ur life more beautiful than heaven.
and this is sanky’s promise and sanskar maheshwari never breaks his promise

@ unknown place
man 1- now again u are back wat u wanna tell now tht is the person girl or a boy
or is he/she a tennage,adult or old
man 2- no sir this bt this ki his name is sanskar maheshwari and he is a boy and a adult of age 24. something else sir
man1- gud job nxt find out his weaknesses and his main motive….
at that anirudh called someone and said work done….

in market
lucky ws going and suddenly he collides wid a person and he feels like he has put something in his pocket and yes he was right, their was a chit in his pocket and he read it and was shocked to read that….

to be continued

sry guys no love confession in this epi as already its 3:50 am and my sleep is taking over me
and also wanna know do u guys want a single or two confessions in nxt epi….

and also wat can be in the chit and which work anirudh was doing

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