Roses and thorns (chapter 8)


guys i have decided not to end this ff till i will get even a single comment bcz i think i love swasan so for them i will be writing till end( after seeing yesterday’s swasan scene i decided it;-)
part 7
in the market
laksh was passing thru the market and ws busy in his phone playing games suddenly he saw his dream girl over their arguing with a auto wala. he was just mesmerised seeing her beauty and childish nature. he cannot anything else than adore her. she was continously arguing till a person from behind had not shut her mouth wid his hand and taken her away. Ragini was jst going to yell on the person and she turns bt then it looks like her eyes were frozen for the very moment. she was so happy to see the person right in front of her eyes and she hugged him and shouted samar i missed u soo much ..
laksh who was seeing this from far was fuming in anger and jealousy and sanskar’s words started revolving in his small brain ki girls are cheaters, they will destroy u and all
bt still he loved her so he wanted her to be happy so he decided to leave the place
and then he heard another shout of ragini
ragini- bhai i missed u so much itna lamba trip
samar- sry angel u know our plan changed so had to stay for few more days over their
ragini- its ok bt i will nt let u go now is that clear
samar- yes dear
laksh who was listening all this was super happy and jumped in joy and shouted and the crowd nearby him ws staring him and he felt embarrased and left

the place
( samar singh: a gentleman, helps others nearly 25, luvs swara, cousin of ragini
bt is a mystery)

after laksh left
ragini hugged samar and thanked him
samar- lekin angel why u asked me to do all this ??
ragini-bcz mujhe kuch confirm karna tha and know i am confirmed i am so happy
samar- confirm karna tha bt kya??
ragini- i luv a person bt he always ignores me even doesnt notice me bt today wen he saw u wid me he ws literally very jealous. i am so happy….
samar- wo langoor jo abhi yahan naach rha tha??
ragini- hey dont say him a langoor
samar- okay bt lets go home first wanna meet chacha chachi
ragini- okay chalo.
they left from the place

@ unknown place
man1- do u get any type of information???
another man- yes sir we got to know from our secret detectives the person who is behind the murders takes disguise of many people so no one knows his real identity till know
man 1- wow itni badi khabar aise hi suna rahe ho kuch band baaja bulvao
u mor*n i know this and next tym dont bring riddles to me the exact man shud be present
man3- dad just chill. we will get the information just w8 for right tym
man1 – hw cud i w8 anirudh this people are of no use i jst feel like killing them
man 4- sir i have seen the person when he was coming out from the marriage hall and i have asked spies they are getting his information
man1- where were u wen my bp was getting high?? was u planning to tell this information to my spirit
and now leave all i want peace of mind
and plz anirudh u too leave

@ sanky’s apartment
arav- bhai i got the vdo back…
lucky- gud job arav
sanky- ya gud job bt where the hell is…
voice- i am here sanskar and i have done my work so no need to panic and no needs of thanks
sanky- will u stop ur drama
lucky- i have seen u somewhere
voice- ur memory is really very weak how u cud u forget me and leave all that sanky introduce me to them
sanky- yup sure
guys he is samar singh a new member of our team. and is getting the info. of the main lead behind the attack
lucky- oh yes i remember u r ragini’s brother hi hello
samar( ge raises his eyebrow)- hw do u know ragini??
laksh- vo.. main..vo…(sweats hard)
samar laughs hrd on seeing his condition
laksh gave a confused look while sanky was glaring them angrily
samar- no worries jiju ragini told me everything and she is going to purpose u soon and she said me to find ur info wat shud i tell her???
snky( shouts like anything)- will u pkz stop ur matrimonial business right here we have a lots of work
laksh and samar- sry bhai/sanskar
sanky- its ok nd wat is the report of the human trafficing gang
and they lead to their discussions. after some tym
samar- sanky why dont u speak u r very quiet
sanky( on hearing this he remember swara’s words nd started smiling brightly)
lucky(drama) oh god i am going to faint plz mujhe koi bachao my bhai the great sanskar maheshwari is smiling…
woh how is this possible
sanky- stop ur drama and if ur works are done than plz leave u all
other three- yaar yeh toh dhake mar ke nikalne wali baat ho gyi poor us.
all left leaving sanky alone
suddenly sanky’s phone ring and he pick it up on very first ring
sanky- hey !how are u dad?
dad- i am f9 beta
sanky- do u have any work dad ??
dad- yah sanky can u plz come to home for a da…
sanky-no dad sorry i will not be able i had a lots of work
dad- we have fixed the marriage of ur younger brother
sanky- wow dad i am so happy finally mr. david d’silva is going to get married i am so happy for him bt dad sry i will nt be able to come

@ ragini’s place
ragini is on call wid swara and she told her everthing abt markets incident and she was literally jumping in excitement bt swara on the other hand was worried for her.

precap- swasan, love realisation, love confession

so guys hw was it???
sry for no swasan scenes plz dont kill me for it bt this was necessary to develop the story and for some mysteries to be revealed
and plz suggest some one for the roles of samar and anirudh

Credit to: ridhima

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