Roses and thorns (chapter 7)


hey guys am back again
i think no one is liking my ff so very less comments so i think i shud wrap up wid the ff
and also thanks to bresh and cherry for commenting and supporting me i love u guys
part 7
at night
sanskar- yaar what is happening wid me why i am always attracted towards her, why do i smile seeing her, why can’t i resist myself from adoring her innocence bcz of this bl**dy lucky i will go insane. jst give a break to ur thoughts sanky and sleep.
on the other side
swara- yaar aj mujhe kya ho gya tha why was i not able to take my eyes off him. why he attracted me this never happened wid me than why and whenever i see his eyes why i feel the pain in his eyes wat is this?? hey bt why am i thinking of him he talked to me rudely i shud not give this much importance to him. chal swara so ja kal school bhi jana hai. good night.

next day
@ school
sanskar was coming to school and was hell nervous he was thinking wat i am doing? how i will be able to do this? how will i handle this kids? yaar( and makes a frustated face)
he started walking towards school lost in thoughts and then he dashed with swara and he was about to fall bt swara saved him in nick of tym and he was in the arms of swara. his eyes were closed due to fear bt his all thoughts were jerked away after hearing swara’s voice
swara- stand fast u r too heavy
then sanky realises and straighten himself and
sanky- i m not heavy u r too thin aisa lagta hai malnutrition ki mareez(patient) ho after listening this swara stamped her foot on his foot in anger and leaves
sanky-ouch….(in mind yaar tu kya kar rha hai u have to befriend wid him not enemies vaise she is lookimg beautiful today ad smiles)
after that they both went to their classes respectively
[ swara- science teacher
sanskar- physical edu. teacher] after the classes

@ staff room
sanskar was bandaging his hand suddenly swara arrives their and he panics and hides his hand bt before that swara saw it and have reached near him
swara- wat happened to u the great khali
sanky- no nothing… hey how dare u call me khali do i look like khali to u
swara- ofcourse for a malnutrition patient u will look like khali only….
while talking sanky has done his bandage
swara- enough of jokes bt how u got hurt???
sanky- why shud i tell u madam, vaise bhi shareef ghar ke log stranges se bate nhi karte???
swara- strangers( her mouth was wide open and she don’t know bt she feel pain to listn this word frm his mouth bt she was aware that he is saying truth only)
and she was abt to leave sanky clls her
sanky- vaise ab tak strangers the bt if u want we can be friends???
swara-no thank u main ajnabio se dosti nhi krti
sanky- are agr ajnabio se dosti nhi karogi toh unke bare mein pucho g kaise
swara- why i will ask of someone
sanky- bcz i noticed it u r a gud soul so u help others so thats the reason aftrr our silly fight u was still worried for me isnt it
swara- no wys u r mistaken
sanky- i can never be mistaken is that clear and he kept on blabbering
and after being frustated swara finally agreed to be his friend
swara- ok f9 o will be ur friend bt plz stop talking
snky- as u say miss. swara
swara- thank god my ears were bleeding.. have anyone told u that how much u speak
sanky- joke of the century i dont speak too much my people says that i am very silent i shud speak
dont u think the same??
swara- i think ur people insane like u thats why they think u dont speak
snky- u r also mine bt u speak different
swara- w8 wat
sanky – nothing bie
i shud go for next class
swara- ya ok bie and tc of ur hand and yes wat happened
sanky- no nothing jst a minor injury saying this he leaves quickly
( note: sanky uses bandage to cover his tattoo on his hand so that no one can see it)

@ unknown place
man- what is this?? i pay u people for getting me information not ur useless sorries
other man- sry sir it is hard to find it.
man1- wat hard to find han?? wasn’t it hard to find who was involved in the attack bt still someone found it and is killing that girls one or the other day they will reach me and u will be saying sry only
another man- sir we will find it out at any cost u need nt to worry
man1- tht will be gud for u to find it out otherwise u all are going to die and now show me ur blo*dy faces after getting some information and (shouts) leave…..
they people leave from their.

precap- raglak and a new entry…..

hey guys i jst wanted to know that u guys want me to continue or shud i end it
guys i seriously wnted to complete it bcz i domt like to leave things in b/w bt it all depends on u
and also i have started writing a ff on twinj if he/she is a tashan e ishq follower can read it.
its name is school love

Credit to: ridhima

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      i broke my right hand bt i an addicted to write so i am always troubling her for typing process so she is being frustated frm me and she always say that she thinks its boring so no ones commenting so i shud nt waste the tym of both
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