Roses and thorns (chapter 6)


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@ ragini’s place
swara woke up early in the mrng as she was nt able to sleep whole ngt due to the incident and same wid ragu. bt swara was again and again recalling the man who hit the bride.
(note: she only saw half arm of the man and a tatto was their on it ,and nt the face )

@ apartment
lucky- bhai ab age kya karna hai????
sanky- wait lucky
sanky called someone
sanky- hey arav! hwz everything going on and wats the news??
arav- bhai hello and everything is going per plan and next wedding on 11 april at xyz place. sanky- ok thanks and mujhe update dete rahio
(arav- he is very smart u can think of gautam rode, very cute, intelligent, fun loving , flirt and also a main member of sanky’s team)

@ road
swara was going to her appartment from ragini’s home bt during way she noticed some poor children asking for money and she stopped their..
swara- wat u people are doing???
kid1- we want something to eat have nt ate from last 2 days
swara look around and found a general store and bought some packets and gave them
swara- where u people live??
kid – in an orphange nearby if we give them money otherwise on road…..
swara’s eyes are filled wid tears some childhood incidents were going thru her mind. then she turn towards the kids and asked them to come wid her
firstally the kids refused bt later on accepted it. swara took them wid her and drop them at a place which looked so beautiful and calm. at the entrance a board was hanged with ‘my place’
my place is a place owned by swaragini. including all age grp people. middle aged people do jobs/works acc. to their eligibilities and take all responsibilties of children and oldies and themselves. they are like families independent of the people out can take care of their needs on own. no donations nothing allowed which make them weak and dependent. only sheltr is provided by swaragini. a lovely place.(guys this is my dream so thought to write it in ff)
swara after leaving the kids their left to school bt this was all seen by our hero.he was following her to know abt her more bcz of lucky bt after seeing this side of swara he ws totally lost in his sweetness and sensibility and ofcourse beauty
sanky was thinking thanks lucky for showing that still gud people are their.
sanky was following her and suddenly he god call frm arav
arav- hey bhai (tensed)
sanky- arav kya hua
arav- bhai woh recording nhi mil rahi….
sanky-kya arav(angrily) itni badi irresponsibility was not expected from u how cud u???
arav- bhai plz actually woh delete ho gyi galti se…
sanky- aur uski copy(rude)
arav- (highly nervous )
i have nt taken any copy as i thought that it will nt be needed
sanky-who gave u the permission to think???
jst w8 i will be their within 20 minutes…
sanky drove harshly to arav’s place and reached their highly angry
sanky (shouts) arav arav
lucky – bhai calm down ab kuch nhi ho skta
sanky- kahan hai woh
snky-lucky maine pucha arav kahan hai???
( shouts loudly)
on hearing this lucky got scared and pointed his fingr behind the curtains where arav was hiding
sanky gone their and dragged arav out
arav(literally pleading)- bhai plz mujhe maaf karde dekh still we can reinstall it plz mujhe marne se pehle let it give a try
sanky(eyes red due to anger)- fine jo karna hai jaldi kar tere paas sirf 24 ghante hai otherwise mujhse bura koi nhi hoga
arav(murmers) thank god bhai maan gya wrna inse bura koi ho bhi nhi sakta
sanky- i want that video at any cost i don’t want that people think of us as psycho killers that we hate brides and all
arav – dont worry bhai everything will be all right
sanky- wat don’t worry how could i not worry due to these 5 b**ches innocent people loss their lives and i wanted to kill them as ki no one shud regret tht they are killed bt shud be happy that they left the world.
u know wen i got to know abt that attack news ,i had lost my senses u know wat i saw how people were crying for their loved ones in front of my eyes and i know how it exactlly feels, after too much search we got proofs against them and u jst lost it u know why i have been w8ing for their marriages bcz i wanted to destroy them on most imp. day of thr lives how cud they jst kill innocent people for some money. i am feeling helpless right now
arav(in tears) bhai i am sry i will recover it and will give that vdo back to u
sanky- and yes after recovering the vdo jst upload it on net before w8ing further i dont want any kind of problem anymore and i will kill them more dangerously this tym that even in nxt birth they will nt even think to do so and tell them some sort of plan (which is muted)
and smirks evilly

and they all left the place
( guys till now u would hve understood why he was killing girls
these girls have attacked a school and killed their childs as per their contract. as some powerful man ws behind this attack so their was no proper police investigation. so our hero is so gooood that he thought to take revenge for these people frm them
and he along wid arav and laksh searched the case secretlya nd got the evidence agnst the girls bt they are still unaware abt the actual culprit…)
at noon (during break)
swara reached school and was busy in admiring it suddenly her eyes were caught by a man. he was playing bb and was looking around 23-24. so from here she got that he is a teacher bt she was nt able to turn her gaze on other side (bichari kya kare banda tha hi itna hot;-))
he was wearing a red jersey and shorts he was sweating heavily which increased his hotness)
suddenly the man found that she was staring him ad went near her without breaking the eye contct.after reaching their not only she bt he was also lost in his eyes bt suddenly came back to the world and said
man- mam these are nt gud manners to stare a person like this(and winks)
woh.. wo..
then principal came their
princi- oh gud miss. swara u are here i was waiting 4 u.
swara- yes sir
man – so u r swara bcz of whom i was getting bored
swara ws all confused before she could ask princi intereputted
princi-yeh mr. sanskar bt u are before tym she is on tym only and now sanskar was all red due to embarrased bt swara smiles
then they followed princi to their office and gave interview. princi ws happy wid both so he ws nt able to reject anyone amg them so he appointed both of them in his school
outside princi office
sanky- congrats mam
swara- congrats to u too
swara found sanky sweating
swara- wht happened r u okk?
sanky- ya bt a bit nervous as it is my first tym
swara- then no prob as it is normal
sanky smiles and they said bye to each other and get back to their houses

precap- first day at school

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Credit to: ridhima

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